Wall Mounted Pressure Washer: The Easiest Way to Detail Your Car

Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution

I remember the good ol’ days when I would pull out my portable pressure washer to detail my cars. At the time, I was using the Kranzle K1122TST, which is one of our top-selling units and for good reason. However, as time went on, something inside me told me there had to be a more convenient way to set up my pressure washer for car washing. So, of course, me being who I am, I scoured the web in an attempt to find a solution that would make my life much easier and didn’t find a darn thing. Until I thought of this idea of having a wall mounted pressure washer. That’s when the wheels started turning.

The chase to find these kinds of solutions is what galvanizes me. I know that if I can provide a quality product that’s priced appropriately and functions well, most people will want it once they know about it. The best stuff always seems challenging to find; they’re obscure - it won’t stop me from looking though, because I want the hidden gems.                    

The Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution

Being on this obsessed level of excellence involves a ton of work. I created the best wall mount pressure washer solution (our Kranzle K1322TS Custom Install Solution) to be completely functional and consist only of premium parts and pieces. It’s not perfect and nothing is, but it's a considerable upgrade compared to what most people have to detail their cars and those still using the old one bucket and garden hose method. This setup will change your life.

I vividly recall the late nights I spent trying to put this thing together. From mining through online catalogs for pressure washer fittings, shelves, hoses, and water deionizer systems to daily phone calls with my Dad figuring out what works best with what, it was a frustrating yet exciting journey to go on. I also can’t forget to mention the amount of money I spent testing and vetting all the different components that make this custom solution operable. It was some crazy number. But, seeing all the continued success with both the detailing community and car washing enthusiasts, the investment was well worth it. 

Let’s get into the makeup of this solution; all the individual parts that make this thing what it is. Don’t be intimidated by it, me and Mike F. (our Director of Special Projects) installed this several times at my homes and business, and it’s not difficult at all. Call your plumber, show him our custom installation video, and you’ll be good to go. 

Here’s what you’re getting with my Kranzle K1322 Custom Install Solution:

  • Kranzle K1322TS Pressure Washer. This unit is ideal for most people (car washing only). I love this thing because you can work on it yourself. It’s rebuildable and serviceable. I’ve changed the oil on both the K1322 (wall-mount version) and the K1122 (portable version); it was a piece of cake. Kranzle recommends changing the oil after the first 50-hours of use; we recommend changing it every 50-hours of service afterward. We sell the gear oil for the Kranzle pressure washers and many other accessories. This unit was the obvious choice for me to use for a wall-mounted install. It only requires a 20-amp circuit. It has full auto-start/stop (motor stops when not in use). It has high flow and low pressure—two important things I want you to understand when it comes to water flow; I’ll explain. The GPM (gallons per minute) refers to the flow rate or the volume of water that moves through the pressure washer’s nozzle every minute. Think of GPM as rinsing power. The higher the GPM, the faster you can wash the surface clean. There’s a big misconception that pressure (PSI) is more important than flow (GPM); it isn’t. This unit is very quiet, so no disturbing the neighbors during those early morning/late night car washes. It’s a true workhorse that can be used weekly, which is why it’s the best electric pressure washer for a wall mount setup.
  • 18" x 8" Stainless Steel Pressure Washer Shelf. This whole idea of having a wall mounted pressure washing solution gives everything a static place to live neatly. The shelf allows us to mount our pressure washer on top of it. I had this custom-made specifically for this setup. I provide all the accessories you’ll need to install it: mounting brackets, vibration clamps, hex bolts, and wing nuts. 
  • Stainless Steel Inlet Hose (3/4" NPT Male to Female). This is a T-316 ultra-flexible line that’s ¾” in diameter that connects to the Prevost piping (where deionize water travels through). I talk more about that piping package below. Call this hose overkill, but I don’t care. If you haven’t noticed by now, we do most things overkill - that’s Obsessed Garage. 
  • 3/8" 3’ High-Pressure Jumper Hose. This jumper hose has to be the most pliable and durable 3’ hose I’ve used to date. The flexibility with hoses is essential when using an electric pressure washer because you don’t want it to kink. You can understand why I wanted it to have this pliability by looking at how I have it coming out of the Kranzle K1322 and into the Coxreels hose reel. It has a ⅜” inside diameter with a ⅝” outside diameter. I also wanted a swiveling end to make the installation process more manageable.
  • 100' 3/8" High-Pressure Hose. Our OG pressure washer hose has become a crowd favorite. I got sick and tired of dealing with supply chain issues and decided to source my own hose. It’s a single wire construction with a smooth jacket with excellent pliability (flexibility). It’s also designed to handle hot and cold water with a specially compounded cover for longevity. At the moment, I’m only carrying them in blue, but I plan to have additional colors. 
  • Coxreels Hand Crank Hose Reel. I have this commercial hose reel in this solution for a reason; it’s freaking awesome. It’s a US-made, no-frills, super high quality, compact reel that fits nicely underneath our 18” stainless steel shelf we sell with this package. The smoothness of this reel when you’re winding and unwinding is just incredible. This piece alone is what makes this whole wall mounting system worth it. 
  • CR Spotless DIW-20 High Output Wall Mounted System. I wanted to have a DI (deionized) system in this solution to eliminate any possible water spotting. The idea here is to deionize the water to ensure you don’t have any contaminants or minerals that can dry and leave water spots or etching on your paint. You’ll find that this system is essential, especially if you happen to be rinsing your car in the sun (which I don’t suggest). You won’t have to worry about water spots. 
  • Prevost Piping Kit for CR Spotless. I wanted to use air lines (not planes) to run my DI water through. It’s made of aluminum which is less susceptible to leaching, so we’re good with running deionized water through it. This system allows you to hardline your water source and have a valved setup for your DI framework.
  • OG Spec Mosmatic Swiveling Sprayer w/ Mosmatic T304 Stainless Steel QDs. I’ll start by saying you’re going to love this spray gun. After many different iterations with Mosmatic, we finally have this masterpiece. It’s similar to the Original Mosmatic Swiveling Sprayer we sell, but it has new T304 stainless fittings made by Mosmatic and manufactured to high precision in Europe. The other difference is the integrated swivel and plug that takes about an inch off the inlet. The outlet is a Swiss-made T304 coupler, which makes this thing legit. 
  • OG Spec Mosmatic Stainless Steel Bent Wand. I decided to go with a 20” inch wand because it’s perfect for car washing. Just like the OG Spec Swiveling Sprayer, this wand has an integrated quick disconnect (QD) plug on the inlet and a Swiss-made QD coupler on the outlet. Having a wand attached to your spray gun makes it easier to rinse your vehicle. You can use just your short gun to do the work, but I’m telling you, once you go wand, you’ll never go wandless. 
  • Mosmatic Wall Mounted Wand Holder. Having a spot to place your wand makes it easier to grab and rinse while maintaining organization. This is polished stainless steel and constructed like a freaking tank. You get a mount that’s angled, so the top is further from the wall than the bottom. It’s things like this that get me super pumped. I many times stand back just to admire how well this fits in with all the other components. You’ll find yourself doing the same. 
  • MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon with a Mosmatic plug. I did a complete write-up on why this is the best foam cannon for car detailing. Be sure to check that article out. This thing is great because it doesn’t fall over like the previous version (PF22.1). Probably the biggest requested change from the car detailing community. How we package it is different from other retailers. We remove the crappy ¼” plug and replace it with a Mosmatic T304 SS 1/4" Male QD Plug. We also toss out the M22 male to ¼” male NPT fitting because it just confuses people. When we send this to you, it comes with the 1.25 orifice installed, which is the correct size for higher flowing pressure washers.
  • OG Spec Mosmatic Nozzle Assembly. I love this nozzle—one of the smaller, significant parts of this entire solution. We send you two nozzles, both having a 4.0 orifice. One is a 40-degree and the other is a 25-degree. I generally use only the 40-degree for my wheel cleaning and paint surface cleaning. These nozzles are manufactured in Switzerland, making them pricier, but I’d rather have them instead of the Chinese-made ones. The fit, finish, and precision makes it worth the cost. 

You see this list and are probably a little overwhelmed. It’s a lot, but it’s a lot that I made simple. When you order this solution, you’ll receive all of the parts mentioned above and the necessary fittings. My mom, our Warehouse Manager, has mastered how to pack all of this stuff and get it to you safe and sound. You’ll get roughly 6-boxes from us and at the moment, your Kranzle pressure washer will ship from our vendor out of Baltimore, Maryland. 

Coxreels Hose Reel with Pressure Washer Hose

An Easier Life with a Wall Mounted Pressure Washer

The whole purpose of this is to take the extra work out of setting up a portable pressure washer. Dragging out your unit. Pulling out and connecting your hose becomes tedious work. Yes, there is still an application for this kind of setup, but having an on-wall solution eliminates the extra steps and looks incredible.

Since the inception of this package, I now have a team of passionate people helping me take garage organization to the next level. We offer so many garage storage and shelving solutions that turning your garage space into your sanctum is now possible.