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Premier Kitchen Organization and Hardware

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most visited spaces in the home. We go here to cook, clean, and congregate with family and friends. What’s frustrating is when things are out of order, whether that be a spoon missing, a pot in the wrong spot, or some other cooking utensil we need that’s nowhere to be found.

We’ve found Hafele Fineline to be the premier kitchen organization solution. These inserts are great for the storage of larger utensils, foils, and kitchen tools. You can arrange all the top drawers in your kitchen to your liking, not just your cutlery drawers. What really makes this system distinct is that the inserts can be trimmed for width and depth for a custom fit.

If you’re big on everything having a place and looking good in that place, Hafele Fineline is exactly what you want.

Installation & Overview

Matt & Mike Install Hafele Fineline

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    Move Knife Holder and Spice Inserts
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    Utensils & Miscellaneous Items
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    Pots, Pans and Bowls
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