Covid-19 Update

Obsessed Garage will be short-staffed at our business location until further notice, about half of our workforce will be working from home while the shipping team will be running in modified small teams to ship your orders but also avoiding contact. Shipping and email might be only slightly delayed, Florida is under a stay-at-home order so please be patient as we work through this. Thank you for being awesome! - Team OG.


Here we have permission to pursue our interest in functional perfection with a level of detail where most normal people can’t relate.

Welcome to Obsessed Garage.

Recent Videos

There is a certain level of obsession required to fully get what the Obsessed Garage YouTube channel is all about. The anchor of it is the garage where I document all the details in and around it. I’m not afraid to show the whole story, start to finish. The exhaustive research and testing, the occasional hole cut in the wrong spot or the purchase of the incorrect part, and the inevitable conclusion of project after project. High levels of organization and an unquenchable appetite for knowledge are what this channel is all about.

These are some of my most recently posted videos, but head on over to YouTube to subscribe and take a ride on my unique car guy journey. I promise there is nothing else like it.

Build Your Own Obsession

Here it is. All of it. If you want a garage like mine, this is what you’ll need to make it happen. This is where you’ll find every obsessed detail about my garage including how I built it, the products that I use in it everyday, the camera gear that documents it all, and the cars that go in it.

Dream About It. Obsess Over It. Build It.