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Inside The Hex Membership

Inside The Hex Membership



Welcome to Inside The Hex, the Obsessed Garage membership platform. The concept behind this platform is to create a place for those of you who are interested in the pursuit of this passion project that has become Obsessed Garage. We created this space for all of you who have an interest in digesting more information on how I’m fumbling through building the business, discovering new products, hiring new people, etc. I’ve always preached “providing value to the world,” and that’s exactly what we’re doing through this membership program. I share a ton of content about my personal life, business, and everything in between. I want to give you inside access that I’m not sharing with the general public. 

Over the years, we have built a huge community of people who are taking full advantage of the value we’re providing with our membership. There are two tiers - Hex Lite and Hex Plus. Both have valuable offerings, but if you get the Hex Plus plan, you get even more benefits including member discounts and free shipping. This platform will only continue to get better and better as we improve it with a soon to come members-only store.

I look forward to seeing you all Inside The Hex - stay tuned for more crazy.

Early & Inside Access

Get access to personal and business related content that's only available through the Inside The Hex Membership (Hex Lite and Hex Plus). You'll also have access to new products before other shoppers & have access to our members only store

Member Discounts

With our Obsessed Garage HEX Plus membership most of our products in the store get an automatic 10% discount applied to your cart instantly, this works for all customer no matter their location!

*View below to see what items are not included for discount

Free Shipping

When you sign up for the Obsessed Garage HEX Plus membership you'll get free shipping to the lower 48 states on most of the items in our store.

*View below to see what items are not included with free shipping

Video Cart

Automotive Parts Access

By becoming a member of Inside the Hex, you gain the advantage of ordering automotive parts directly from our Turn14 Catalog. Simply visit the parts ordering page and send an email specifying the parts you require. For more information on this convenient service, kindly refer to our Automotive Parts page in the "For The Obsessed Menu".

Visit Parts Page

Hex Plus Black Friday Discount

We love to celebrate Black Friday with our customers by offering discounts across our entire store. Our standard discount is a 10% off, which is available to everyone. However, we also want to show our appreciation to our Hex Plus members. That's why we offer an additional 5% discount exclusively to our Hex Plus members on Black Friday, making it a total of 15% off for customers with an active account.


Please note that certain products may not be eligible for 10% discount or Free Shipping . See exclusions HERE