Not Like The Other Brands

You've probably never heard of Liquid Elements before. I know I didn't until a couple of months ago, but I'm thrilled to be entrusted to bring these products to the US. Liquid Elements makes the gosh darn best entry-level polisher on the planet. It even bests the performance and function of some of the higher-end polishers I've tried - for hundreds less.

Liquid Elements (LE) is the brainchild of Sebastian, a brilliant engineer and inventor from Germany. LE makes everything you need to detail your car, from chemicals to towels to polishers.

Everything I've done with Obsessed Garage comes from the mindset of honoring the source. There are tons of brands (you know them) that look at what the true innovators are doing and try to copy them. This goes against everything in my being, and I can't stand it- So, when I first heard of LE, I was on high alert. Was this just another brand that copied? Who is behind the company? What's their story?

To cut to the chase, Liquid Elements is not like the other brands. Sebastian is a true innovator, and you can tell when you use their polishers. If you are in the market for a polisher, you really need to consider one of these.