Kranzle Gear Oil


This video is a bit old and we'll be redoing it in the near future, however it will give you a general overview of how to change the oil in your Kranzle.

Kranzle recommends that you change your oil after 50 hours of use which equates to about 2 to 3 years of regular usage. You'll know it's time to change it when the oil starts getting a gray coloration to it. The oil change itself is pretty straightforward and pretty much the same way you'd change the oil on a car. 

For the K1122TST you'll have to remove the cover to access the oil cap, but on the K1322TS and K1622 the oil cap is located on top of the pressure washer. 

The oil drain plug is located on the bottom for all three units. 

Each pressure washer uses a 1/4 Liter of the gear oil, so this bottle is good for 4 oil changes.