Empowering Spaces with Lighting Control

Lutron gives you the power to control your lights the way you want to with a variety of switches and dimmers. When using the RA2 Select system, you also gain access to the Lutron App. The Lutron App allows you to create scenes and routines, toggle switches, and more. The RA2 Select system is the best solution for those that want premium features with the easiest setup for up to 100 devices. 

Lutron is extremely reliable. Their technology and engineering is top-notch. What also makes Lutron great is that the build quality of the actual products are fantastic. The switches are nicer and more durable than any of that cheap contractor-grade junk you'll get from the big box stores. If you are outfitting your garage or home with quality lighting, you’ll want to be able to control them properly, and there is no better alternative than Lutron.

Lutron at Work

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