I don't know if you knew this or not, but Griot's Garage was my introduction to the detailing world. I used to have every single chemical, tool, brush... everything from their catalog. As I progressed, I found that I preferred other chemicals. This is what clued me to the idea that a curated product line from all of the brands was the way to go. What really bothered me, though, is that I could never sell Griot's Garage products, and therefore I shied away from using them.

I tried for years pleading with them to allow me sell their products, and each time it was "no." Well, this last year at SEMA, I was able to talk to Nick Griot and gave him my pitch one more time. It must have worked because we are now finally able to offer Griot’s Garage products!

Griot's Garage makes the best interior cleaner in the world. The. Best. And their polishers make the perfect entry-level polishing option. They also make a bunch of other products from their line that I think are great to have. Check them out below.