Mosmatic Wall Mounted Wand Holder


I ordered one of these several years ago when building my wash bay.  This wall mounted version is rather costly, but as with any Mosmatic product, the quality is unsurpassed.  I think this is worth every penny.  They do make floor mounted versions as well.  Keep in mind, I can special order you any Mosmatic product.  Email if you want something from Mosmatic that is not shown on the website.

It's made of polished stainless steel and is built like a tank.  Note, there is an angle on the mounting bracket.  The top is further from the wall than the bottom.  The Mosmatic label is just a sticker, so you can easily debadge it if you'd like.  There is a circle cutout in the bottom of the holder that allows any water to drain out the bottom.

  • L1 - 23.2"  |  D1 - 2.4"