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Why Satco?

Over the years, one of my biggest frustrations has been finding a decent light bulb to put inside my lamps and light fixtures. Most of the stuff I’ve come across just hasn’t been good. I’ve tried everything from color-shifting lights to programmable ones, which are terrible. These annoyances motivated me to find a viable light bulb solution I would be happy with and could offer the world. That solution is SATCO.

I reached out to a friend of mine who’s an executive at SATCO and part of a Porsché GT group I’m in and told him that I keep coming back to these bulbs, but I can’t find them anywhere because of how obscure they are. So, I asked him if I could curate a line of bulbs from their catalog, put my marketing prowess behind it, and sell it. He said, “Yes, let’s do it.”

What I love about these light bulbs is their superior lighting quality. You can really tell the difference in color rendering and brightness with these compared to other light brands. I’ve tried several light bulbs from other companies and found myself always returning to SATCO - they just work and distribute light exceptionally well—definitely OG-spec.

What most people will want in their homes are either 3000K or 3500K. However, what you will find in most homes is 2700K, which is very yellow and stinky looking. The 3000K color temp feels much more comfortable and warm; 3500K feels more modern and clean. To give you an example of how I have things set up, my house here in Florida is more gray and white, so I decided to go with the 3500K, whereas my property in Helen, GA is very wood/pine heavy with reds and mahogany, so we have 3000K throughout that house. 

The most important thing to know here is that you’re getting premium light bulbs that can easily replace your current ones. I’ve done all the footwork to bring in what I deem as the best light bulbs available. I want to mention that I’m not honoring the warranty on these things - sorry. These lights are inexpensive enough to replace if they break or stop working. 

Overall, SATCO lights deliver a superior lighting experience, bringing out the best in any room. With exceptional color rendering and consistent brightness, these lights illuminate your surroundings with clarity and brilliance. Whether you're looking to create a warm and cozy atmosphere or bright and vibrant task lighting, SATCO lights offer the versatility to suit your preferences.

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Matt's take on each bulb and why it was selected.

More About Light Bulbs

Bulb Shape and Size

The code of a light bulb consists of two parts - the letter and the number (A19). The letter indicates the shape of the bulb, and the number represents the diameter in eighths of an inch.

A19 is the most common shape, but there are other options for a variety of applications. Don't get too hung up on the shape, just pick something that looks good and fits your aesthetic. That being said, consistency is key - I recommend using the same bulb throughout your home.


There are dozens of different styles of light bases, but for the sake of simplicity, your home will almost always use an Edison-style base. It's the one pictured above. 

As with the bulb shape and size, the base of a light bulb is categorized by a letter and a number (E26). The “E” stands for Edison and the number refers to the width in millimeters.

E26 is the size you'll find on a standard light bulb. E12, also known as Candelabra, is the base size for most chandeliers and small lamps.


Traditional incandescent bulbs work by using a filament inside of a glass housing. They are heated up using electricity to such high temperatures that they become “incandescent” or glowing. Unfortunately, a lot of energy is wasted in the form of heat.

This is where LEDs come in. LED bulbs are super efficient but typically don’t look good. What is great about new LED technology is that it can mimic the aesthetic of the filaments in traditional incandescent bulbs. In the picture above, the filament is a C5V filament.

Lighting Design

Have a big project?

Check out OG Design for assistance in choosing the right lighting solution for you as well as info on other lighting options like DMF or CREE.