Polishing Solution

SKU: DP050008
Polishing Solution

Polishing Solution

SKU: DP050008
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Everything You Need to Polish Your Car

This polishing solution will be most beneficial for all of us. There’s a ton of information and an insane amount of product choices out there, making it challenging to figure out what to get. That’s what Uncle Matty is here for: to curate the best products you need in your polishing arsenal. 

Polishing your car is super simple. Many of you have seen me do the paint correction several times over the years with different vehicles. The steps I’ve done repeatedly are prep the surface, tape the trim, get a random orbital polisher and some pads, and you can see some great results. Attempting to narrow down the hundreds of products I either have in my cabinet or have tried and thrown away has been both difficult and fun, especially since paints react differently to different products and techniques. 

This solution includes the products I find myself using on almost any car. It contains what I believe to be the must-haves. I understand this adds up to become a costly solution, but I assure you I’m not marking anything up. Every single item here I’m selling at retail. The value I’m providing you is just putting it all together, so you don’t have to buy everything a la carte, which is an option because we sell all this stuff individually.

• x1 Sonax Perfect Finish 1L
• x1 Sonax Cut Max 1L
• x1 Claw Tool

• x6 Meguiars Microfiber Cutting Pads
- 5” pads
- 3” pads

• x6 Rupes Yellow Foam Polishing Pads
- 5” pads
- 3” pads

• x6 Rupes White Foam Polishing Pads
- 5” pads
- 3” pads

• 3M Precision Masking Tape (60-yards)
- x1 ¼” Roll
- x2 1” Rolls
- x2 2” Rolls

• x1 Eraser 1L
• x1 Eraser 1 Gallon

• x10 High Pile Polish Removal Towel 3.0
• x10 Low Pile Polish Removal Towel 3.0
• x1 Jescar Correcting Compound (32oz)
• x1 Meguiar's M39 Mirror Glaze Heavy Duty Vinyl Cleaner

- 5” polisher
- 3” polisher
- 1” polisher

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