D1: 3M Precision Masking Tape


Those of us that have tried the Kamikaze tape made by Kamoi in Japan know that it works really well for polishing.  Like...really well.  I just wasn’t super psyched about using an entire roll or two to tape off a single car.  Plus the sizing is a little too narrow for me.

I’ve run the gamut with tape:  General Masking, Blue Painters, Scotch 233+ Green Body Shop, Kamoi, etc.

So I did my thing.  That wake up at 3AM wondering if there was a way to get larger rolls in better sizes for taping off trim.  I found the US importer of Kamoi tape called MT Tape.  I ordered a dozen rolls, but they are even thinner and smaller than Kamikaze.  I emailed them about 6 times and got no where, so I kept searching.

In that search, I found an old SEMA video from several years ago about 3M Precision tape.  Call something precision and you have my attention!  The problem was trying to find it.  I ordered my 3 preferred sizes from a few shady online sites paying way too much for each roll, but I got some.  To my surprise, when my 3M tape showed up it says, "Made in Japan" on the inside of the roll, and it is very similar (pretty much the same) as the Kamoi stuff.  I don’t know this for sure, but I would guess Kamoi makes it for 3M.

The hardest part was sourcing it.  After pulling the remaining hair out I have left, I now have the 1/4”, 1”,  2” here in the OG store.  I like to have one roll of 1/4" and 2 rolls of the 1" and 2" on hand at all times.

That's the story, but the point is this stuff is really good.