Nano Sized Microfiber Cutting Pads


These are priced and sold individually.  

These little beauties are rather expensive, but I think they are worth the cost.  You would use these with the RUPES Nano 1" or 2" backing plates.  I find myself using the 1" much more often.

One thing you have to keep in mind when using a dual action random orbit motion is that it becomes more aggressive the smaller the diameter.  You'll likely need to use lower speeds and fewer passes than you would with a larger 5" or 6" pad.

These are from the Lake Country HDO line and are as close as we have to the Meguiar's pads that I'm so fond of using.  Meguiar's doesn't make small pads in these sizes.  I would generally use these with a compound like Jescar Correction Compound or Meguiar's M100.