RUPES Wool Polishing Pads


I don't have a lot of experience with these, but I do think they are a viable addition to your polishing arsenal.  We all know different paints react differently to different processes and products.  Wool pads are simply another tool we can pull out of the cabinet to get the job done.

Wool has been used for decades on rotary polishers.  It is a newer concept to put a wool pad on a dual action or gear driven machine.  Here are a couple of reasons why it might make sense for certain paints.  

  1. Contrary to what you might think, wool is much less prone to heat build up on the surface than a microfiber pad.  On some finicky paints that don't respond well to heat, these may do much better.
  2. These pads on a dual action polisher may leave less tick marks or trails on some paints than microfiber.

These come in 2 types and many different sizes.  


  • Coarse (Blue):  This is for maximum cutting and defect removal.
  • Medium (Yellow):  These are bit more flexible.  They can be used with your choice of compound or polish and on some paints as a 1-step.


  • 3" Pad = Fits 3" backing plate with 3.5" face. (These aren't available yet.)
    • Use with LHR75E (Mini), LTA-75, LHR-75.
  • 5" Pad = Fits 5" backing plate with 5.75" face.
    • Use with LHR15ES, MKII, LHR12E (Duetto), LK900E (Mille), LTA-125
  • 6" Pad = Fits 6" backing plate, 6.75" face.
    • Use with LHR21ES, MKII, LK900E (Mille).
  • *Also available in sizes for the nano.  See separate product in polishing section of the store for Nano pads.

    These pads are designed to be used with dual action and forced rotation random orbitals, specifically long throw machines.  They are not for use with rotary polishers. 


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