RUPES BigFoot Claw Pad Tool


I have been looking a better pad brush for a long time.  When I first picked this up at RUPES USA headquarters, I knew I'd found it.  I have the Griot's and Adam's version, but I've never been in love with either one of them.  This one serves several different functions as seen in the video above.

  1. Foam Pads:  I use the brush to swipe the entire surface of the pad to ensure nothing is stuck to it.  Then I'll blow it off with compressed air.
  2. Microfiber Pads:  Microfiber mats up and tends to flatten out when using.  Certain polishes like M105 really build up on the fibers.  I use the brush after each section I polish to break up the fibers before blowing out with compressed air.  
  3. Use this instead of your finger to apply polish on pads.  Spread the polish on your pad, then use the knife looking edge to "butter" the entire surface.
  4. The hook and loop backing plates on modern polishers have much stronger grip on pads to keep them seated for the longer throw.  This fits and acts as a lever between the Velcro backing of the pad and the backing plate of the polisher to help you remove the pad without damaging.  

Check out the video above that shows how to use it.

I decided to offer it without the optional holding pouch.  I didn't see a need for the added cost.  This is for the tool only.