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While garage design isn't something we've really built out a billable service for, we can definitely get you squared away with the products you need and with the design. Our ask for this service is simply that you purchase the products from us. To get things going, see the list below:

1. We will need dimensions, floor plans, sketches, photos, etc. Anything you have that will help us visualize the space.

2. Let us know what you'll be doing in this space. Are you focused on mechanic work, or simple oil changes and tire rotations? Are you focused on having your space setup primarily for detailing or a wash bay? What about tools? Or maybe storage is your main focus. Let us know how you plan to use the garage.

3. If you have any specific products you're looking for, or have a layout in mind, be sure to let us know what you're thinking. Be sure to check out other sections of the Garage Design main page.

From there we'll work through our design software and come up with some ideas for you. We can also incorporate drawings or sketches for the design. Use the form below to answer a few questions and submit the info we need from you to get the ball rolling. 

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We use Google Forms to collect information for your garage design. If you don't have a Google account you'll need one to successfully fill out and submit our form, you can make an account through the link below if you don't already have one. This form will capture what garage products you're looking for, your blueprints, photos and your contact information. After submitting this form a support ticket will be automatically created for you and you'll be in contact with someone from our garage design team who will have access to all the information you submitted.