What Is The Best Wireless Subwoofer?

Dynaudio Core Sub with MSS Garage Storage Cabinets

What you’re not seeing right now is me smiling as I talk about what I think is the best wireless subwoofer in the world. I’ve been in the audio space for many years and have had hands-on experience with many different brands of subwoofers. Some are complete junk, while others are viable options. I know we are all allowed to have our own opinion of how good something is, but I’m telling you, from what I’ve heard and seen, Dynaudio has the best-sounding, best-looking subwoofers on the market. 

Before I deep dive into this, I want first to mention the atmosphere we’re using our wireless subwoofer in - the garage. Dynaudio just works for this application, especially in the harsh environment we’re placing these speakers. We want to avoid having high-tinny-sounding audio in this space because of all the different equipment/objects that will be in there. Garage cabinets, plastic tile flooring, vehicles, metal garage doors, and other things that don’t play well with sound mean we need a warmer-sounding woofer. I’ve found them.  

Most of what you’ll see throughout our website are end-to-end garage solutions that include audio. I’ve deemed this space my sanctum, and I want every square inch of it filled with awesomeness. Having a killer audio system is a big part of this awesomeness. I’m super pumped to be a Dynaudio dealer and to have a legit lineup of subwoofers.

What Makes These Subwoofers Great?

In early March of 2022, I did a thorough review of the Dynaudio subwoofers, where I discussed specs and why everyone should aspire to have them. The quality, the punch, the low frequency, and hit you get from these are extremely musical, making them the complete subwoofer. What surprised me was how well they sounded watching movies. I intended only to have them in my garage, but after testing them out in both my living and theatre room, I found them to work exceptionally well in these environments. The sound is so good that I even have them in my home and work offices.

The Different Subs We Offer

Depending on what model sub you decide to go with, I’ve curated what I think would work best in just about any home/garage audio setup. These are definitely your higher-end, pro-model subs that come with a hefty price tag but are worth every penny. 

You must know that not every subwoofer is for every scenario. This is the reason I bought Dynaudio’s entire subwoofer line; I wanted to sit and listen to each of them in different rooms to hear what speakers sounded best for that specific application. 

I’m making this really simple for you; I’ve listed below what Dynaudio wireless subwoofers we offer and all the specs you need to know for each of them.

Dynaudio SUB 3 and 9s

  • The SUB 3 and the 9S are the smaller subwoofers we offer that still have great output (sound). They both have a 9” woofer, single-sealed 9” enclosure that is flexible to work well with movies and music. I’ve found them to work perfectly in an office setting because it packs enough power to fill out a smaller room. They wouldn’t be my choice for the garage environment because there will be more area for these single woofers to fill out. Both work well with passive speakers like the Dynaudio Emit or Dynaudio Evokes. They complement a pair of bookshelf speakers really well. The quality of sound you’ll get with this kind of setup is insane. This SUB 3 and 9s have a 300-watt, Class D amplifier. Again, don’t buy these for your garage unless it’s really tiny. I’ve mentioned the fit and finish on all these woofers, which are so good. On this SUB 3 (and the SUB 6), they both have a semi-gloss finish instead of the textured finish you’ll find on the 9s. This semi-gloss finish makes more sense in an office-like setting than in the garage, where it’s more prone to exterior damage (scratches, dents, debris). If you’re going to be doing any kind of dirty work on your vehicles (wrenching, car detailing), you don’t want to expose this speaker to this kind of environment unless you’re really careful. It will definitely require some extra care to keep the cabinet on this woofer clean. I’d suggest using a plush waffle weave microfiber towel and a rinseless wash solution like McKee’s 37 N-914. 

Dynaudio SUB 6 and 18s

  • I decided to put the SUB 6 in my home theatre in exchange for the JL Audio sub I had, and I’m telling you, it’s so much better than I expected. I have the 18s in my office inside of the Yarn building garage. The dual 9” woofers you’re getting with these sound freaking amazing. Compared to the SUB 3 and SUB 9s, the SUB 6 and 18s have a much more robust housing around the actual speaker, more Xmax, and more excursion. They both come with a Class-D, 500-watt amp, which is 200 more watts than the SUB 3 and 9s. The enclosure on these speakers feels a lot more heftier as well. On the back, we have RCA and XLR connections. These Dynaudio subwoofers do best when you run a stereo connection to them. I love how well they integrate with existing Dynaudio setups. Of course, you can run them with whatever you want - there’s a full custom capability of adjusting phase, adjusting filters, and adjusting how the subwoofer works from different distances; you can make those customizations right in the DSP (digital signal processor) of these speakers. If you’re trying to decide which of these two subs to place in your garage, I will tell you to go with the 18s. The textured finish you’re getting is less susceptible to damage/dirt, it’s cheaper than the SUB 6, and it doesn’t come with grills, making it more compact. If you want the full Dynaudio experience, you’ll want to pair the 18s with either LYD 8’s, LYD 48’s, Core 59’s, or any studio monitor speakers we offer.  

Dynaudio Core SUB

  • Here’s the ultimate level of a subwoofer. The Core SUB is basically two SUB 6’s stacked on top of each other. You don’t have to have Core speakers to have a Core sub, and you don’t have to have a Core Sub to have Core speakers. These all work interchangeably. Now, you’re going to think I’m stupid, but I don’t care. I’m running two of these in the garage area of the Yarn building. Not so much for output but more so to fill out the room. If you’re wondering what I’m referring to when I mention the Yarn building, this is where my work garage and our garage design/media/support team all operate. Okay, back to the Core SUB, this speaker has four 9” woofers, 36” of excursion for air movement, and plays down to 15Hz. Not to mention it weighs 108-pounds. This thing is heavy. It has Pascal Class-D amplification with dual 500-watt amplifiers internally - that’s 1000-watts, which is insane. Next to the amazing sound this sucker delivers, I have to mention the fit and finish. It’s absolutely perfect for the garage. It’s not pretty for the house (which you can use it in), but this crinkle, rhino-line texture works best in an area where work is going down. This is a plug-and-play subwoofer - no real tuning is necessary. If you’re going with this sub, I suggest going with the NAD 658 as your pre amp, Core 47’s or Core 59’s for your studio monitors connected with a direct XLR cable. You can connect this Core SUB with either your wireless dongle (if you’re going wireless) or the XLR cable if you’re going wired. A speaker like this will melt your soul and change your life.

Dynaudio Wireless Sub 3

I’ve spent most of my adult life chasing after garage solutions and audio. This stuff brings me a tremendous amount of joy and fulfillment. My passion for curating the best products on the planet has earned the trust of so many people, and this is just the beginning of what I have envisioned. Our website is filled with everything you need to build out what I see as the cornerstone of the home, the garage. 

What I’ve accomplished and has been an enormous success with our customers are our audio solutions. You’ll find audio packages that include speakers, amps, cables, and subs to make life much easier for you. Whether you want to add some quality sound to your home office, home theatre, or the garage, we have solutions for every application. My guys here are all audio experts and can speak knowledgeably to whatever needs you may have - if you run into any issues or need assistance with setting up your audio system, hit them up through our support channel.