The Best Microfiber Wash Mitt For Car Washing

Using a Microfiber Madness Incredipad to Clean a EM1 Civic Si

I’ve been using car wash mitts for years, and the best microfiber car wash mitt I’ve come to like is the Microfiber Madness Incredimitt. These mitts do a great job of removing dirt safely from your car’s paint without scratching and leaving swirl marks. This tool will be the most important one in your arsenal next to your drying towels when it comes to avoiding marring your vehicle’s surface. The process of how you wash your car and the tools you use will be key determining factors that play into a scratch-free, swirl-free car. 

Why Using A Microfiber Mitt Over A Sponge Is Better

If anyone out there is still using a sponge to wash their car, please stop. You’re going to ruin your paint. You have to understand that your car’s paint is delicate, no matter if it’s hard or soft paint. Sponges are too abrasive and will trap dirt inside itself, resulting in you dragging it over your vehicle’s surface and causing several small and big scratches. 

To understand the science behind this, your car’s paint is made up of 5 layers (top-down):

  • Clear coat
  • Base Coat
  • Primer 
  • Electrocoat
  • Car Body

The two most important layers are the clear coat and base coat. Any scratches or swirls you see will be on the clear coat (top layer). This is where you’ll see blemishes in plain sight, especially if you shine a light or are in bright sunlight. I’ve been detailing my cars for years, and I can immediately see when my paint needs to be corrected. Even if you’re not a crazy person like me, you don’t want to look at a crazy amount of scratches and swirls on your car’s exterior. 

The Incredimitt has a built-in sponge for extra water absorption during the washing process. Let me be clear: the mitt itself is not a sponge; it has a sponge built into it. Some people like to slide their hands inside for more control, but I tend to fold the holding strap (base of the mitt) inside because I want my hand on it like a pad, making it easier to flip over. There are certainly some valid reasons why people like to use this instead of a pad, but from experience, I like using the pad more. 

If you're someone who has softer paint, you'll want to use a softer microfiber mitt like the Microfiber Madness DeliMitt. Made of the same high-quality as the Incredimitt and Incredipad just for softer paint applications. This one uses a different blend of fibers to remove dirt.

Having The Mitt Is Good, But Having the Pad Is Great

My adoration for the Incredimitt was short-lived once I realized I needed something bigger. Adam’s Synthetic Wool Pad was what I used for several years before I decided to transition the mitt. Then I had this revelation: I wanted what Adam’s had in their wool pad, but I wanted it in microfiber. So, I talked to a few buddies of mine in the car detailing industry, along with a loyal follower of my brand, to see what we’d need to do to make this thing. He (David/follower) took it into his own hands and contacted a representative of Microfiber Madness in Germany. Now we have a 9.5” x 9.5” polyester/viscose blended pad called the Microfiber Madness Incredipad XL that I think is perfect for car washing. By the way, both the Incredimitt and Incredipad are made in Germany - super high quality. 

What I love about this thing is that it’s:

  • Bigger. I have relatively large hands and find it much easier to work with this than the mitt.
  • Better for holding soap. It doesn’t hold too much water; it holds tons of car wash soap. When I dunk this into my rinse bucket and then into my wash bucket, it does a great job carrying my favorite snow foam to the panels of my car. Super sudsy and glides with ease.
  • Constructed to reduce the possibility of scratching. You can experience scratching with any car washing tool, no matter how soft the material is. Think about this logically: you're taking a mitt/pad and rubbing a surface with dirt on it. This is precisely why how you wash your vehicle is extremely important. I’ve yet to experience scratches on my paint using this pad in conjunction with the two-bucket wash method.
  • Functional. One of the gripes I have with the Incredimitt is that you tend to want to lean into your car’s paint when using it. Because it’s much smaller and your hand can wrap around it, you’ll unconsciously want to dig in while washing. That is not the case with the Incredipad. You will glide the pad across your vehicle’s surface. Remember, you’re not trying to scrub your car clean; let the solution (car soap) and pad do the work. 

I like having about five of these in my locker cabinet ready to go, so I’m not low on having them available when it's laundry week.     


Both the Incredimitt and Incredipad are German-made. The fibers on the exterior of both are super soft and feel plush. The inlay is made of smooth bed-linen quality, making them comfortable during use. 

I have owned a few for several years, and they have withstood the test of time: no deterioration, no fading, and no discoloration. 

What I have found in my experiences with some of these other mitts and pads is that they are really stiff and hard to contort. Microfiber Madness has done an excellent job making these things indestructible and flexible, which is exactly what I wanted.