Microfiber Madness DeliMitt

Microfiber Madness DeliMitt
Microfiber Madness DeliMitt
Microfiber Madness DeliMitt

Microfiber Madness DeliMitt

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The Perfect Wash-Mitt For Soft Paint


Here we have a great microfiber wash mitt for those of you with softer car paint. The name is a little quirky for my liking, but I get what they attempted to do - it’s a combination of the words “Wash Mitt” and “Delicate.”

The biggest selling point of this thing is that it’s for soft paint. You’d still want to use the Incredimitt for hard paint surfaces. This product is not meant for you to replace your Incredimitt or your Incredipad XL (also good for hard paints and my favorite). It’s an addition to one or the other, especially if you have multiple vehicles with both hard and soft paints.

This German-made mitt is softer than the Incredimitt and Incredipad with a different blend of fibers. The soft synthetic fibers are made to remove dirt particles from your paintwork. It’s identical to the Incredimitt in that it’s the same size, has a handle inside, and is built with premium quality inner lining for comfort and durability. I didn’t expect CARPRO to do much differently with the design; they made it for a specific application.  

I like that it has a sponge material built between the liner and microfiber, absorbing water from your bucket that will allow you to release your car wash soap or rinseless wash equally during the contact phase. Yes, I did mention rinseless wash - I’m sure Tommy and Kyle will love that I did. 

I’ll definitely have a few of these in my locker cabinet for when I’m washing my soon-to-be-here Porsche 992 GT3.


  • Blend: 100% Polyester blend
  • Size: 10" x 8"
  • Color: Baby Blue and White
  • Made in Germany
  • Specially designed for soft paints
  • Plush microfiber pile
  • Easily releases particles in rinse
  • Durability
  • Quality interior liner
  • Sponge ingrained beneath the liner
  • Synthetic cuff with embroidered logo

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x1 - Microfiber Madness DeliMitt

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