Sonic Tools MSS+ Connector with switch for LED light


I've decided to start offering the MSS+ line of cabinets from Sonic Tools. These are their highest end cabinet solution and are designed and imported by Sonic Tools.  

Contact me at if you need design help.

The MSS+ line of cabinets are the top of the line offering from Sonic Tools & they are only available via "Contact For Pricing". 

These cabinets do not come with a top, even if it shows a top in the picture. You must purchase a top separately.

Product features

  • Find what you are looking for faster, without relying on surrounding lighting
  • The latest technology is used
  • Mountable under the wall cabinet
  • Increase your productivity with a perfectly lit work surface
  • Energy efficient and extremely long lasting
  • Connection possibility, maximum connection 4 LED lights to each other


        They will drop-ship from the Auburn, AL warehouse. Depending on where you live, prepare to add about 25% of the cost of the cabinets in shipping. $4000 in cabinets will cost around $1000 to ship.

        ***Keep in mind that percentage-wise, shipping costs are much higher when shipping just a cabinet or two. It may end up costing as much as the cabinet.***

        • If you know what you want, contact us for a quote on MSS+ cabinets.

        Pricing and Discounts

        I know everyone expects a discount. The quoted price on these are priced correctly, and there is no room to negotiate.  

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