Majic Attic Lift

SKU: Majic Attic Lift
Majic Attic Lift
Majic Attic Lift
Majic Attic Lift
Majic Attic Lift

Majic Attic Lift

SKU: Majic Attic Lift
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I’m in the business of functionality and organization. Having a legit overhead garage storage solution was something I have wanted for a long time. This Majic Attic Lift and The Lift from Top Shelf Storage Solutions have solved the problem of clutter and disorganization. I freaking love this thing. 

In my second (interim) home, I decided to install this lift again because I was impressed with how easy it was to use in my first temporary home and because I’m not the young lad I once was that could hoist things on my back and fly up the stairs. You can imagine how challenging it is to get things up and down from the attic area of your garage, especially if you have a standard set of stairs or you’re using a ladder. I’ve found the solution, people, and who knew this company was in my backyard - Ocala, FL. 

Time and time again, Michele and the kids leave their crap everywhere. So, to aid in resolving this problem, I wanted a simple way to get things out of my way and out of my way quickly. How often have you walked into your garage just to see random things sitting around and dreaded moving them? Not anymore. I’ve gotten luggage, Christmas trees and ornaments, my car parts all out of the way in a matter of minutes, and it’s great. 

If you’re someone who’s handy, you could undoubtedly install this thing yourself. I’m privileged because I have Mike F. to do this stuff for me. If you don’t want to do this yourself, you could certainly hire a contractor, an electrician, or any handyperson who can cut drywall. Steve and Chad from Majic Stairs came by to install this and were able to get this installed in under 1.5 hours, so not bad at all.  

This is a US-made product that requires no maintenance and will change your life. If you love garage organization and don’t want stuff sitting everywhere, you want to have this thing. 


    • Fully adjustable to accommodate from A 2×4′ To A 2×16′ attic floor system
    • Tall objects are limited only by the height of your attic. The lifting motor does not obstruct your boxes, bins, etc.
    • The motor has built-in obstacle detection and will stop The Lift if it senses something in the way
    • 5 Year Warranty
    • Wireless remote control
    • Made In The USA
    • Unit ships in 3-boxes for easy handling
    • Installs in as little as 1.5 Hours
    • No maintenance is required!

Note: There has been a design change since we photographed this product. To adjust for the floor depth of your attic, you will now use the all-thread rod holding the ceiling plate to make that adjustment.

- Majic Attic Lift
- Hardware
- Wireless Remote Control

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