Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)

Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)
Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)
Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)
Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)

Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)

Add Pressol & Towels
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It’s been a lot of fun diving into Koch-Chemie’s product line. Their adhesive remover is super strong and really gets the job done. What makes Eulex a notable product is its ability to remove sticker residue, tar, sap, rubber, oil, and works as a great degreaser. You will also see how it evaporates quickly without leaving residues. 

The smell of this stuff is super strong - almost like nail polish remover but it’s safe to use on paint, glass, ceramic, and metal surfaces. I will also caution you that extra care needs to be taken when using it. You’ll only want to use it for specific applications and nothing else.

Many people will want to use this as a bug remover for cars and although I’m not an advocate for using a product like this for that purpose, it does have the ability to do so. If bug removal is what you’re looking to accomplish, I would recommend using a combination of both Koch-Chemie Gsf (Gentle Snow Foam) and Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star).

All in all, Eulex is a product that works exceptionally well and will always be in my cabinet.



  • Shake well
  • Spray onto the surface and allow it to dwell
  • Wipe off with a Multi-Purpose Towel
  • A second application may need to be applied


Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)

  • Evaporates quickly 
  • Cuts through heavy grease, tar, and sticky residue
  • Smells horrible
  • Works well in a ventilated area
  • Don’t allow it to dry on any surface
  • Do not use in direct sun or on a hot surface

Koch-Chemie Eu (Eulex)

- 1L Comes with a 1-liter bottle

Options to Add:

- 750ml Black Industrial Pressol Bottle

-750ml Black Industrial Pressol Bottle & Multi-Purpose Towels

I’m going to use one of my Multi-Purpose Towels when using Eulex. They’ll get destroyed and they’re super cheap, so I’m just tossing them in the trash after each use.

This item is shipped from our warehouse at OGHQ in Lady Lake, FL. This is a hazardous chemical & can only be shipped via Ground services & not by air! Shipping costs calculated at checkout.

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