High-Pressure 3-Way Valve

High-Pressure 3-Way Valve
High-Pressure 3-Way Valve
High-Pressure 3-Way Valve
Stainless Steel High-Pressure 3-Way Valve

High-Pressure 3-Way Valve

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For those of you who want to have a boom pole and a hose reel, you can run both by adding in this high-pressure 3-way valve. Mike and I installed one of these back in January of 2022 at the Custom Giveaway winner’s 4800 sq ft hangar in Idaho. It came out really nice.

I didn’t think something like this would make sense initially, but after having some hands-on experience with it and seeing many of the designs our Drafting Room has created, it makes perfect sense. 

This is a 3-way valve meaning it directs flow. It doesn’t stop flow. You’d lose output in either direction if you stopped the flow. When we turned Curtis’s Kranzle Custom Install Solution on for the first time, we didn’t have any leaks, which means everything was sealed and correctly tightened. I can’t stress this enough: always tighten down the ends of your hoses/fittings when connecting to a reel, pressure washer, or valve. The extra effort is well worth it.  

Also, you won’t have to worry about any corrosion, rust, or water stains because this valve is stainless steel. It has 3/8" NPT female inlet and outlets.

I can certainly see more and more people purchasing this valve, especially those with a wash bay setup, who want the flexibility of both boom pole and reel.

(x1) German-made High-Pressure 3-Way Valve

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