Destination OG Signature Scents - Reed Diffuser

Destination OG Signature Scents  - Reed Diffuser
Destination OG Signature Scents  - Reed Diffuser

Destination OG Signature Scents - Reed Diffuser

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This is our Destination OG Signature Scent - Reed Diffuser made by my friends and fellow OGers at Smith and Company. We carry these in two different scents 1) Leather and 2) Leather and Pine. I’ve talked about these scents many times; the leather smell gives you a sense of elegance and sophistication reminiscent of a well-worn leather armchair. Complementing the leather is the pine, which radiates a fresh and revitalizing energy. The two combined will transform any room into comfort and solace.

Reed diffusers are a popular and effective way to disperse fragrance throughout your room(s) without the need for an open flame or electricity. It consists of three main components: the fragrant oil, a glass or ceramic vessel, and a set of porous reeds.

I’m certain many of you already know how reed diffusers work, but it’s really simple to understand if you don't. The fragrance oil is poured into a decorative glass or ceramic vessel, often with an opening or small neck to hold the reeds. The vessel serves as a container to hold the oil and adds an aesthetic touch to the diffuser. You can’t put one of these in your house and expect the fragrance to fill the entire environment - to give you an example, I have like seven of these in the Helen garage, which is 1200 sq ft. I’ve found that this is a sufficient amount of reeds to have in that garage to give a sense that the scent is there; it's not overpowering. To keep the smell fresh and fragrant, you’ll want to flip the reeds every few days. 

I know I sound crazy talking about this stuff, but I’m telling you, this stuff smells fantastic.

x1 - Bottle
x1 - Bundle of Reeds

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