Bucket Gamma Seal

Bucket Gamma Seal
Bucket Gamma Seal
Bucket Gamma Seal
Bucket Gamma Seal
Bucket Gamma Seal

Bucket Gamma Seal

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A Bucket Gamma Seal is a great addition to your buckets; it's leakproof and keeps dirt and dust out of your bucket. It's also great for the person without much room to store supplies. You can put your brushes and bottles in the buckets when you're done & seal them up with the Gamma Seal lids. Plus, they look nice.

These can be used for keeping a sealed bucket in a trailer or in the trunk of a car. This is also an integral part of our Ultimate Bucket Solution.

These are going to be placed on top of my 6-gallon buckets. I have a total of three—one for Wash, one for Rinse, and one for Wheels.


  • Remove the sticker from the lid.
  • Unthread the lid from the seal ring.
  • With the seal attached, press all of your weight on one part of the seal until it clicks on the bucket.
  • Repeat that process all around the lid until the entire seal clicks into place.
  • Screw the lid on completely if looking for a water-tight seal.


  • You’ll need to put some weight behind it when you install it.
  • Once it’s on the bucket, it is very hard to take back off.
  • Seals completely when the lid is screwed on tight.
  • Fits most 12" diameter buckets.

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x1 - Bucket Gamma Seal

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