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Vyper Turbo Fan
Vyper Turbo Fan
Vyper Turbo Fan
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Vyper Turbo Fan

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When Alex from VYPER came to my home garage and showed me this Vyper Turbo Fan, I knew right away I wanted it. Many of these other shop fans on the market besides my longtime favorite Air King aren’t that good, especially in comparison to this one. 

What VYPER did with this version is they swapped the orange blades out for black ones, and it has five fan blades instead of three, making it much quieter than the previous one.

The shape of the blades is unique. VYPER did this intentionally to allow more airflow with its brushless DC motor, generating 23,500 CFM. You’d think you’d use more power with this kind of output, but it’s super energy efficient.

It has various speeds, 1 through 100 with natural winds, so you can go high and low, giving you natural airflow in your home or shop garage. It was nice to see it in action in my garage - both Mike and I had a chance to put it to work throughout the day, and with its high fan speed and oscillation, it kept us cool. 

You will receive a 3-legged stand and a wall bracket with this fan. I like that VYPER didn’t give us an option here; they just decided to send both accessories, allowing the consumer to choose where they want it, whether above their garage cabinets or on the floor. So, if you have a shop and decide you want to move this thing around, you have the flexibility to do that, which I think is a cool idea.

Like I’ve done before, I plan to put two of these in each corner above my locker cabinets and have them oscillating while leaving them on a single speed. Because these produce so much power, I don’t ever really need to adjust tempo, especially with both running simultaneously. 

All I can say is, you want this fan.

x1 Vyper Turbo Fan
x1 Floor Mount
x1 Wall Mount

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