Ultimate One Car Garage Lighting Solution

Ultimate One Car Garage Lighting Solution
Ultimate One Car Garage Lighting Solution

Ultimate One Car Garage Lighting Solution

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This one-click solution for your One Car space will change your life. Everything you need for the best garage lighting with app control is included in this solution. We've done all the prep work for you and figured out what works best for pretty much every single car garage space.

This setup puts your three Cree Lighting LS fixtures parallel to the garage door and gives you super-even lighting throughout the space. Whether you're just parking, or doing mechanic work, or detailing, the 5000K temperature and 90+ CRI light quality of these lights will be absolute perfection. Lutron's Radio Ra2 Select is the chosen control system for this solution and provides really simple app control and will integrate with the rest of your home if you already have Ra2 Select.

If you wanted to do a single zone per parking space in your larger garage and didn't mind having your linear sections separated, this solution makes a great purchase for multiple bays. However, the Ultimate Two Car Garage, Three Car Garage, and Four Car Garage Solutions are tailored specifically for those space sizes.

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x2 - Cree Lighting LS Series Linear Light Fixtures - LS8-120L
x1 - Lutron 6 Amp PowPak Dimming Module (RA2 Select)
x1 - Lutron Pico Programmable Wireless Dimmer Switch
x1 - Lutron Pico Wall Adapter
x1 - Lutron Claro Wall Plate - Single
x1 - Cree Lighting LS Series Linear Lights - LS8-120L
x1 - RA2 Select Main Repeater - Bridge

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