Screwdriver Set - 18 Pieces - 29" (XD)

These are the tools I've decided to use at OGHQ, they have a nice quality to them with good ergonomics. They aren't intended to replace everything but there is a great variety of tools offered here. For the price you cannot beat them vs something that's 2x or 3x the cost like Snap-On.


  • Tool sizes screen printed in foam
  • Laser cut and chemical resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty and 24-Hour Online Tool Exchange
  • Width 29" x Height 2-1/4" x Depth 22.5"


  • Hammer go through screwdriver: ph. 1, ph. 2
  • Hammer go through slotted screwdriver: 5.5mm, 6.5mm, 8mm
  • Door upholstery panel remover 100mml 9"
  • Pry bar 300mm 12"
  • Mini degree hook
  • Screwdriver ph.2 450mm(L)
  • Mini straight pick hook 6"
  • Pry bar 300mm 8"
  • Straight pick hook
  • Degree hook (6x135)
  • Full hook
  • Mini small angle hook
  • Small angle hook


      They will drop-ship from the Auburn, AL warehouse. Rather than building shipping into the price and leaving a fudge factor for different parts of the country, I think it's smarter to simply quote you the price it costs with no markup.

      • If you know what you want, place your order.
      • I will send a separate invoice with shipping cost.

                                                Pricing and Discounts

                                                I know everyone expects a discount.  I will be selling at these prices.  These are priced correctly, and there is no room to negotiate.