B2: Microfiber Madness Incredibrush Flat


If you watch my videos or listen to the Dialed In Podcast, you know my whole "honor the source" thing.  Well, I don't think you need to worry about honoring anything here.  Just get the source.  There is nothing else like it.  The blend of microfiber on this brush is like no other on the market.  It holds more soap/suds, but still doesn't get water logged and heavy.  It is super soft, but doesn't get all jacked up from dealing with super dirty wheels/brakes.  It really does exactly what you'd want it to do.

I'm telling you, this is without question the best wheel cleaning product on the market for getting and keeping your barrels dialed in.

I keep this exclusively for cleaning my wheel barrels and use the combination of the large and small EZ Detail brushes, lamb skin wheel mitt, and RaceGlaze XL brush with Adam's Wheel Cleaner to complete the cleaning process.

Here is how I care for this:

  • After use, spray with pressure washer, rotating to hit all sides.
  • Wring it out, twisting the pad from top to bottom.
  • Throw it in the wheel bucket to dry with the rest of my wheel cleaning tools
  • Remove and wash with my microfiber towels and Incredimitts once every few months.
They do sell replacement covers for this, but you won't need one for a long time.  I'll have them in the store in a few months.