Lighting Package

SKU: DP110003
Lighting Package
Lighting Package

Lighting Package

SKU: DP110003
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What You Get

Lighting Package
Product Qty
Fenix PD35 V3 1
Fenix ARE-A2 Two Bay Smart Battery Charger 1
Fenix 3500mAh 18650 Li-ion Battery 2
Match Pen R 1
iMatch 3 1
Sun SunMatch 4 1
Multi Match R 1
ScanGrip Line Light C+R 1
Mag Pro 1
Product Qty
ScanGrip MiniMatch 1
Multi Match R 1
Mini Mag Pro 1


When it comes to flashlights, you're going to want high-quality lights, especially when it comes to polishing, coating a vehicle, or working in tight spaces, period. 

After doing my research, I found ScanGrip. What makes them different from the millions of lights out there, you may ask? The quality and color rendering of these lights are what make them stand out. Those two characteristics are very important when it comes to flashlights. That is why we can’t use just any flashlight.

ScanGrip is the leader when it comes to inspection and work lights. From being well-known in the detailing industry to body shops, they are responsible for the color accuracy they provide.

The last thing you want is to spend all the time polishing or coating your vehicle, only to miss imperfections because of using an inferior light.

When inspecting my work or around-the-home use, the Fenix flashlight is also one to not mess with. This little guy will humble you. Powerful in a small form factor.

So, with each light having its purpose, I wanted to create a kit that serves as the stepping stone, and this is where our lighting package comes in. Our lighting packages are specially curated to give you a taste of our Ultimate Lighting Solution.

Choose Your Tier:

Basic Package: Intro to our lighting kit, which comes with the essentials like the ScanGrip MiniMatch and Multimatch R, which are great when dealing with paintwork such as polishing. Lastly, this kit comes with the Mini Mag Pro, which is excellent as a general work light, especially in tight spaces like underneath the car.

Advanced Package: Opt for our advanced package if you want to have more options for different uses. This kit comes with 7 lights, and they range in use. It will come with ScanGrip lights of different sizes to use for your detailing needs, especially the ScanGrip C+R light, which is a great inspection light, and finally, it comes with the Fenix flashlight.