Hose Adapter for M22 15mm to 3/8"


Converts M22 15mm male outlet on your pressure washer to adapt a new 3/8" hose.

This is the adapter that is needed to quick connect a hose to a pressure washer that has a non-traditional M22 15mm outlet.  This converts the odd 15mm size to the more common 14mm size. 

Unfortunately it is made of aluminum, but it's the only one I could find.  It gets the job done.

I'm pretty sure this works for these pressure washers.

  • SunJoe SPX 3000 and 4000.  Does not work with SPX3001.
  • Other M22 15mm 

Here is what you need to make a hose like a Kobrajet work in addition to this part:

1)  Female Stainless 3/8" Coupler 

2)  Male Stainless 3/8" Plug

Note:  This is for adapter only unless specified.  It does not include these other quick disconnects.  They are sold separately.