Garden Hose

This is the same hose that I use for inlet hoses for pressure washers.  This one took a long time to find, and I now have some experience with what works best.

About 10 years ago, when I moved into our first "nice" home, I wanted a super legit garden hose.  I bought quite a few hose reels, and eventually found Eley.  I wanted to complement that reel.  At the time, Adam's had a $250, 3/4" "Swivtec" hose.  It had a strap type termination that allowed the fitting on the end to swivel.  I ponied up the cash, and I still have that hose today.

I eventually found the manufacturer and have worked with them to make this improved version of the garden hose I can now offer to you.

After having lived and chased different hoses over the past decade, the lessons I've learned are these:

  1. Since I'm always using quick disconnects, you don't need a swivel on the garden hose.  The QDs naturally swivel.  Although my hose never failed, I've found the branding used in the swivel fitting to leak at times.  We don't want that.  Now I have a very stout brass crimped-on ferrule.
  2. We don't want a 3/4" hose.  That adds nothing but weight.  It makes the hose too darn heavy. 

The garden hose comes in either 35, 50, 75 or 100 ft sizes.

The end result is what I believe to be garden hose is the best available.  This is the 5/8" outside diameter version that has standard 3/4" GHT (garden hose) fittings. You'll only need to buy this once, and it will last a very, very long time.

You will want two garden hose plugs and two garden hose couplers for this hose.  Choose brass or stainless.

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