Beginner Car Wash Kit

SKU: DP070009
Beginner Car Wash Kit
Beginner Car Wash Kit
Beginner Car Wash Kit
Beginner Car Wash Kit

Beginner Car Wash Kit

SKU: DP070009
Tire Dressing
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Two things are important to remember: First, we were all new at one point. Second, not everyone is obsessed as I am. Some people are just looking for an answer to the question, How do I wash my car / how do I get into detailing?

This is my answer to both of those questions. I think this is a really solid start into the detailing world. It's everything you absolutely need and nothing you don't. I even gave you the option of excluding the buckets if you already have some Home Depot ones lying around.

Everything included (excluding Soaps) is going to last you years, provided you take care of them, and it's a great base to build on. For some of you out there, this is all you'll ever need. I'm thinking of the non-obsessed spouses and relatives out there who often ask us "What should I get, and how cheap can you make it"

The next thing I would consider adding to this kit would be some Detail Guardz Dirt Lock Bucket Inserts or some EZ Detail Brushes. Or one of the various Interior Kits.


x1 - Koch-Chemie Gsf (Gentle Snow Foam) - (1 Liter)
x1 - Microfiber Madness Incredimitt
x1 - Drying Towel 3.0
x1 - Obsessed Garage Drying Aid (32oz)
x1 - P&S Brake Buster Wheel & Tire Cleaner (32oz)
x1 - Detail Factory Tire Brush (Standard)
x1 - Lambskin Wheel Mitt

Add Buckets
x2 - 6 Gallon Bucket
x1 - 9" Bucket Vinyl (With OG Logo / Red Wash)
x1 - 9" Bucket Vinyl (With OG Logo / Blue Rince)

Add Tire Dressing
x1 - Obsessed Garage Tire Dressing
x2 - Multi-Purpose Towel 3.0

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