Detail Factory Tire Brush

Detail Factory Tire Brush
Tire Cleaning Brush
Detail Factory Tire Cleaning Brush
Detail Factory Tire Brush

Detail Factory Tire Brush

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Tire Brush

Over time it’s bound to happen when we’re going to swap certain products out for better ones. In this case, I’ve decided that it’s time to move on from the Tuf Shine Tire Cleaning Brush and onto this Detail Factory Tire Brush. 

Me using the word better has gotten me into trouble. I’m not implying that whatever I was using before is crap; I’m simply saying I’ve found something new and improved. At OG, we don’t get stuck with anything. That’s an integral part of our chase towards functional excellence. 

When I held this tire brush, my first impression was, “WOW, this grip is super comfortable.” I didn’t experience any hand fatigue when cleaning my tires, and I didn’t drop it even while holding it looser. 

Another observation I had was the slightly softer synthetic bristles. This subtle element allowed me to get into the grooves and details of the sidewall better with my wheel and tire cleaner. Is this going to make a significant difference? Maybe, maybe not, but it makes me feel good knowing I’m getting a deeper clean.

You can also use this brush to deep clean your rubber mats or car detailing buckets. The bristles are stiff enough to do the dirty work. 

It’s a simple tool that does a great job tackling those tough tasks. You’ll definitely want to throw at least two of these in your cart.


  • Stiff synthetic bristles
  • Rubberized ergonomic grip
  • Chemical resistant handle material
  • Hang hole for drying/storage

x1 Tire Brush

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