Collinite 845 Liquid Wax


I'm not exactly sure when I discovered this stuff, but to date I always come back to it.  This contains the same carnauba found in their 476 paste wax, but in liquid form.  I believe the the liquid aspect of this is from the additional polymers found in it.  I've veered away from this many times in search of better stuff, but I've always come back.

The combo is to put Jescar Powerlock+ as the base layer (polymer sealant) and top that with 2 coats of 845.  This looks better than anything else I've ever used outside of maybe Swissvax Concorso, but lasts a lot longer and is more durable.  Coatings may last longer and bead water better, but this is still my go-to product.  

A couple of things to note:

  • One bottle of this should last you the next ten years of your life.  I think I've spilled more on the floor than I've actually used on my cars.
  • It will change state depending on the temperature it is stored.  That is normal and fine to use.  Run the bottle under warm water if you need to soften it up.

Here is how I use it:  

  1. Apply after letting the previous layer of Jescar Powerlock Plus cure for 3 hours.
  2. Apply thin layer to the entire vehicle using Adam's Hex Foam Applicator.  The thinner the better. 
  3. By the time you've finished applying, it will be ready to wipe off.  I use the Red Wax Removal Towel in the OG store to wipe off.
  4. You could use something like Optimum Spray wax as lubrication to aid in wiping. 
  5. Let cure over night.  I like to give it about 12 hours, but that may be more placebo than anything.
  6. Apply another coat using the same process.
  7. There is one drawback to the product.  You will get a haze that shows up a few days later.  Resist the temptation to wipe it off and scratch all of your hard work.  Wait until you can perform a full wash.  It won't hurt anything even if you take a few days to wash it.  You are simply seeing the oils coming to the surface.  The haze will generally not come back after that.
  8. Maintain using Optimum Spray Wax as your drying aid.
  9. I usually get 6-9 months of protection from it.  Assuming you don't have tons of contamination, you can add layers every few months to maintain and help it last much longer.