Kranzle K1322TS Pressure Washer




I started the search for a wall mountable pressure washing solution almost 2 years ago when I built the wash bay at my house.  I headed down a rabbit hole that kept leading me down dead ends.  Too much noise, not enough flow, fit/finish/quality concerns, are all issues I encountered.  That is the reason I ended up deciding to take a gamble on the Kranzle K165STS that I currently have in my wash bay.  It certainly is great at 2800PSI and 2.8 GPM and looks absolutely fantastic.  The cons:  it's loud, cycles for 30 seconds before turning off, and weighs 180lbs.  Oh...another small was $4500 and they no longer make it!

What I really wanted for all of us is a small, compact pump that I could put on a shelf that looks and works like the Kranzle K1122TST.  That is the main component of my Obsessed Garage Complete Pressure Washing Solution.  There are significant advantages to having that cart model, but what if you wanted to mount it on the wall with permanent plumbing, and a hose reel?

After the massive success I had with the 1122 package and my need for another wall mounted solution for OGHQ, I decided to design a less costly, more efficient wall mounted solution.  I bought a K1622 that was currently available.  It is a 1600 PSI, 1.7GPM runs continuously.  It doesn't have the "Total Stop" function the K1122TST has.  It just wasn't good enough for our application.  Although the pump can run for hours in bypass mode, I think we want the pressure switch that would make this pump function better for car washing. 

Selling about 500 Kranzle pressure washers in 2017, got us a seat at a table with the engineers.  I did everything short of begging for a higher flow, lower pressure and cost pump that we can wall mount.  I also want it to shut off when you release the trigger.  I basically asked them to take the pump from the 1122 and put it on the chassis of the 1622.  So...we've now got it, and it is called the K1322TS.

  • PSI: 1300
  • GPM: 2.1
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V, 15A (I would recommend you have a dedicated 20A if possible for use with foam cannon.) 
  • Generator Requirements when Mobile: The official word from Kranzle is that you need a really stout generator to properly handle the amperage surges during startup and the auto start function. You need at minimum a 4800W generator to run this machine properly without issues in the long run. 
  • Weight: 43 lbs.
  • Pressure Switch:  This turns off when the gun's trigger is released and is instantly turned on when pulled!
  • Dimensions:
    • 18.75" Length (front threaded outlet to longest part of plastic housing)
    • 12.5" Height x 7" Width with Handle Attached
    • 10.5" Height x 6.75" Width with Handle Removed

Buying Options:  The full Custom Installed Kranzle Solution with a shelf, hose reel, wand/gun/holder, etc. is a different item.  I want you to be able to buy the pump by itself if that's what you want.  I've included some options here to allow you to create a system that's mobile.

      1. K1322TS Alone:  You get a power cord and a manual, nothing else.  To keep the cost down, I requested these be offered without any gun, wand, or hose.  The Kranzle gun/wand/hose are over $300 and aren't nearly as good as the other options I'm providing.
      2. Add Complete Mosmatic Swiveling Sprayer & Wand Solution:  This is the add-on option you will want to make this a fully functioning, pressure washing solution.  OR  Add MTM PF-22 Foam Cannon:  If you need a foam cannon, this is the one. (Still need some sort of hose or reel)
      3. Add 50', 75' or 100' KobraJet Hose and Quick Disconnects:  This hose is the best I've found.  Termination, quality, pliability are all the best I've encountered.  This add-on option includes 3/8" NPT with male threaded ends on both sides (one swiveling), 50' Hose, MTM M22 Female to 3/8" Plug, and MTM 2 - 3/8" Stainless Female Quick Disconnect Couplers on both ends of the hose.
      4. Shipping Options:  K1322TS has shipping included in price to Continental US.  There will be a shipping charge calculated if you choose any of the add-on options.  Shipping to Canada is an option for $100 extra.  Choose Canada option in the dropdown box.  Duties and taxes may be due upon receipt. The Kranzle units ship directly from our supplier in Maryland and usually take 1-2 business days to process. If you are looking to ship to Hawaii, please contact for a shipping quote. 

Shelf, garden inlet hose, and garden hose quick disconnects are not included.