Cox Hand Crank Hose Reel

Our next shipment of Cox hose reels is scheduled to arrive the week of February 17. If your order contains a Cox Hose Reel, we will wait to ship it until we can fulfill the entire order, so please be prepared for a slight delay. Click here to see the latest updates on out of stock items. 

At the 2017 SEMA show I had a few items I was in search of finding for my garage.  One was a hose reel.  I needed one for my pressure washer and reels for both power cords and air compressor hose.  I had to go over to the industry specific show called AAPEX that runs at the same time as SEMA and found Cox Hose Reels.  I'd never heard of them, but I knew almost instantly these would be the reels I wanted in my garage.

The next issue was to get my hands on them to see which one makes sense.  A lot of these industrial grade products aren't so easy to buy.  You certainly aren't going to find them at your local hardware store.  Plus, they have a 60 page catalog full of options.  Which one do we choose?  And they are so costly, buying 10 of them to try doesn't make sense.  For the pressure washer, I narrowed it down to 4 options, discussed it with their technical team and was down to 3, then ordered 2 of them to see which made the most sense, and here we are. 

This is a US made, no frills, super high quality, compact reel that fits neatly under the 18" stainless shelf I've sourced for my on-wall pressure washing solution.  This is the smallest option.  The others had more features, but they were too bulky of stuck too far off the wall.  This one holds up to 100' of 5/8" outside diameter hose.  It's shown with the 100' 5/8" OD Kobrajet hose.  It still works and looks good with a 50' or 75' hose on it.

Here is what it has:

  • Note:  The hose is sold separately.
  • Swivel:  This is a full flow 90 degree, machined brass stout part.  It has a 3/8" female NPT inlet, so it accepts most normal inlet hoses.
  • U-Shaped Frame:  I mounted using some 5/16" x 2" lags with 5/16" x 1.5" fender washers.  I'd use Tapcons on a concrete wall.  You could also use the dimensions diagram to mount to Uni-Strut if you need to span your studs.
  • Adjustable Tension Brake:  That's the black knob on the side that allows you to adjust how easily the hose winds or unwinds.  I always torque the brake down when not in use.

For working pressures up to 4,000 PSI.  

  • Overall Dimensions:   W - 18.25"  |  L - 12"  |  H - 13"
  • Base Size:  X - 5"  |  Y - 6"
  • Mounting Pattern:  M - 5"  |  N - 3"
  • Weight 19 lbs
  • Swivel Inlet Size:  3/8" NPT Female
  • Outlet Size: 3/8" NPT Female