Pressol Package

SKU: DK100011
Pressol Package
Pressol Package
Pressol Package
Pressol Package
Pressol Package

Pressol Package

SKU: DK100011
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The Sprayer Package for Every Task!

Despite the challenges you may have faced with other bottles, I'm confident that my Pressol Package will change how you think about spraying. The double-action sprayer trigger is my favorite feature; these bottles make spraying a breeze – no more struggling with janky triggers.

Both packages include Pressol Household Double Action Sprayers, equipped with Product Category Labels and extra tips to keep your bottles organized, easily identifiable, and performing as they should.


  • Advanced Package: The Advanced Package offers 20 transparent bottles in your choice of 500mL or 750mL sizes; you'll have ample capacity for all your spraying needs. I'm throwing in 20 spray tips since you will have some that will fail over time due to certain chemicals.
  • Basic Package: The Basic budget option is a good place to start. With 16 bottles included – one for each of my specially designed labels – you'll have everything you need to get started on the Pressol collection. As well as 16 spray tips.

Whether you choose my Basic or Advanced Package, you'll enjoy the effortless operation, convenience, and how really cool they look sitting on your cabinet or shelf

If you are going to be using these sprayers with high alkaline chemicals like Brake Buster, all-purpose cleaners, or surface preps you will want to upgrade to the Industrial Sprayer Heads. and Pick up Tubes.


Currently, I am not offering a warranty on Pressol as it is a wear-and-tear product. It's important to note that certain chemicals may play not nice with these bottles, resulting in faulty sprayers or cracked tips.

 Note: These packages do NOT include liquid in the bottle, and labels are not pre-applied. We have made a short video on how to apply your labels HERE.

What You Get

Product Qty
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer (Transparent) 16
Pressol Replacement Sprayer Tip (Black) 16
Pressol Household Label Pack (Basic) 1
Product Qty
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer (Transparent) 20
Pressol Replacement Sprayer Tip (Black) 20
Pressol Household Label Pack (Ultimate) 1

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