Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer

SKU: PE-06213
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer
Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer

Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer

SKU: PE-06213
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The spray bottles for which I've been searching are finally here

They're not 100% perfect but they're as good as we've got. The household sprayer is a double action sprayer meaning you pull it sprays and when you let go it sprays. These sprayers are less ergonomic than the Industrial dual action sprayers, but they do look darn good.  You'll just have to try them for yourself to see if you like them.  

I'm going to approach these a little differently than most of the other products we have in the OG solution list. Based on the feedback from the OG community, I've sourced these in quantity and am making them available for you to purchase. I'm counting on you to help supercharge our testing and hopefully play a role in future development of this product.  It would take me years to vet these with different types of detail products and potential failure points.  I'm confident you will help find the issues with these sprayers and put them through their paces, and I'm assuming many of you like being part of the development process.  

Buyer’s Agreement

Here is the deal:

    • Now why in the world would I be selling something without standing behind it?  The answer, I don't know how long these are going to last.  I fully intend to make these or some iteration of a bottle as bulletproof as possible, but this is our first beta version.
  • Should you have bottles start failing, you need to be willing to punt it in the trash and either try again by getting more or just bag it.
    • My wager is there are others out there that are like me willing to take a chance on these.  I'm simply providing you an economical way to try it.  I paid over $100 each for the first testers I imported to the US.

My intent is not to be difficult here, I just can't afford to have people blowing up my inbox with nickel and dime problems on an early adoption of a beta product like this.  PLEASE DON'T BUY THESE IF YOU AREN'T WILLING TO TAKE THE RISK!  There will be no returns or warranty claims.

I'm asking you to help me with this process so we can create the perfect bottle.  Think of this as crowdsourcing, I need your help to make these great and find their faults.  I will be providing a single platform to share feedback, so please don't email me your findings at this time.  Stay tuned for a future platform.


The Household sprayer comes in blue and transparent and in 500ml & 750ml sizes.

  • Spray volume per cycle (ml): 1.4
  • Spray angle: 50°
  • Reach at set spray angle of 50° (mm): 600
  • Reach at full jet (mm): 4500
  • Container: HDPE (high density polyethylene)
  • Pump: LDPE, POM, Me
  • Seal: NBR
  • Suction hose: PE
  • Pressure spring and ball: INOX
  • Adjusting nut: HDPE
  • Atomizer head with double stroke and freely positionable


  • Base width: 3.54"
  • Height: 11.22"


  • Base width: 3.82"
  • Height: 12.40"

What You Get

x1 - Pressol Household Double Action Sprayer

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