Custom Install Kranzle Pressure Washing Solution



Cox and Prevost items can be very hard to keep in stock since they are such niche products. This package will go in and out of stock. We'll try to keep you updated with where we are on this one, but this page will be your best source for info if you see this as out of stock: 







I've been thinking about doing for as long as I can remember.  I've wanted a dedicated wash bay for over 20 years. I thought that would be the most amazing thing in the world to be able to wash cars whenever I want, and not have to drag out a hose every time I wanted to get the job done.  Two years ago, I started searching everywhere to find a solution that would not only be suitable, but also be amazing. There are a couple obscure on-wall semi-complete systems out there, but I wanted something better. I knew I'd have to piece it together and build it myself if it was going to check all my boxes.  

After beating my head against the wall trying to do this, I ended up choosing the massive (in size & expense) Kranzle K165STS that is on my wall in my dedicated wash bay.  Add in tearing the walls apart for bracing and 30A wiring to support 200 lb, boom pole, dozens of tried and failed parts like hoses, wall plates, and quick disconnects, a bunch of Mosmatic parts like buying the wrong boom pole and having to buy a second one; and we are in the $10,000 neighborhood!  In other words, very very few people are going to do that all in the pursuit of the amazing result I've been able to obtain. I get that.

There are quite a few drawbacks to my expensive wash bay solution.

  1. The massive Kranzle runs on a 30 second delay.  Meaning, after the trigger is released, it runs for 30 seconds before it shuts off.  Think about washing your wheels. Just when the pumps turns off, you end up restarting it to wash the next section.  It would be so much better if it turned off instantly. This is designed to run this way to protect the massive pump from starting and stopping too often.
  2. It's loud.  The bigger, higher flowing Kranzles are about as loud as an industrial air compressor.  Part of the advantage to electric is to have the ability to wash at 6AM and not wake the whole house and neighbors.
  3. The obvious one, expense.  Without any of the laundry list of other supporting products you need to make this work, pumps are starting at $3500 and up.  

Don't get me wrong.  With the right conditions you can't beat the high-end, high flow/powered solution.  I'm on 6 acres with a detached wash bay, so those conditions are perfect. But, what if you have a normal attached garage and want something on the wall, out of the way that you don't need to drag out every time you want to wash?  What if you want to wash at 5AM before heading to a car event on Saturday morning? I want the same things and wanted an on-wall system for OG Headquarters, but I don't want to drop ten grand on it.  

So here we go...chasing a great solution that checks all the boxes.  I get that seeing a photo of this complete and functioning looks easy, but I assure you, it will require more orders of part after part and trip after trip to the hardware store to eventually get this dialed in.  This store has given me a platform to channel my obsession and save you the inevitable pain you would need to endure to get this right. But...keep in mind, this system doesn't just magically appear on your wall.  

This solution is designed for the obsessed, not regular people.  I'm going to save you a ton of money, trial and error, and waiting for parts to arrive and get you 90% of the way there. are going to have to work for the result. Picking the parts and pieces is the hard part, but you may need to hire a plumber or electrician and make a few trips to the hardware store to get this to fit your particular garage.

Buying Options in the Dropdown Menus:

Option 1: Main Package:  THIS IS WHAT COMES WITHIN THE BASE PRICE.  None of the Inlet Piping or Braided Stainless inlet hose is included here.  This will require you to source your own plumbing from your water source or the use of an inlet hose.

  • Kranzle K1322TS (built to my spec): 
    • 2.1GPM 1300PSI (we will be running at about 1150 PSI)
    • 43 lbs
    • Pressure Switch - instant on as soon as you pull the trigger and turns off when you release it
  • 18" Wide x 8" Deep T304 Stainless Steel Shelf:  I decided not to have holes put in the shelf.  It is very easy to place the Kranzle where you want it, mark, and drill holes.  I didn't want to lock people into placing it a certain way. 
  • Hardware:  6 Bolts, 6 Wing Nuts, 6 Anti-Vibration Loop Clamps:  for mounting pressure washer, attaching power cord, and attaching the outlet hose to the shelf.  Doesn't come with tapcons or lags for mounting shelf. 
  • 4000 PSI 3/8" FPT Jumper Hose 3':  Comes with M22 Female Plug and 3/8" Stainless coupler to allow quick disconnect of hose from the pressure washer.
  • Cox Hose Reel (112-3-100):  This thing doesn't look like much, but it's industrial grade and very stout.  Holds 100' 5/8" outside diameter hose.
  • 100' Blue 1 Wire Non-Marking High Pressure Hose:  Note - The new version 2 of this hose is dark blue.  This is sourced through Veloci.  They call it a Kobrajet, but it's simply a super high quality, relatively light weight, 4000 PSI hose that is much more pliable than others I've tested.  Plus, the termination and kink protectors are really nice.
  • Complete Mosmatic Sprayer and Wand Combination w/ 4.0 sized 40 Degree Nozzle and MTM PF-22.2 Foam Cannon:  I know many of you already have the gun/wand/foam cannon, so just shoot Kyle an email if you don't need those.  It will subtract $284.75. The nozzle brings it down to ideal pressure for washing cars. Includes all stainless quick disconnects.

Option 1: Mosmatic Wall Mounted Wand Holder:  Take note this holder mounts to the wall at a slight angle.  The lower part of the holder is angled closer to the wall than the top.

Option 2: CR Spotless DIW-20 High Output Wall Mounted System:  This is the wall mount version that you would hard plumb to your water source and add valves to switch between DI and regular water.

Option 3: Prevost Piping Solution: This is an at your own risk purchase.  I'm pretty sure aluminum will hold up to deionized water, but I haven't actually tested it longterm.  We have zinc plated, brass valves and aluminum pipe and fittings that aren't rated or tested for water.  But, if these can hold air, I figure why not water. I'm using it on my system and wanted to offer you the same option. It’s been running great now for a couple years with zero issues. 

It includes the following:  You will need a saw or pipe cutter to cut to length.  I would recommend hiring a plumber to install. And DON’T follow the Prevost instructions, check out this video instead. 

  • 3 - 33.5" Sections of Prevost 1" aluminum pipe.
  • 1/2" Male Threaded 90 degree Elbow
  • 1" Bent Pipe
  • 2 - T-Unions
  • 2 - Threaded Valves
  • 2 - 90 Degree Elbow Unions
  • Piping Ball Valve
  • 1" Pipe to 3/4" Male Reducing Union
  • 24" T316 3/4" Male Braided Flexline
  • Stainless  3/4" 90 Degree Elbow
  • Brass 3/4" NPT to GHT Nipple
  • MTM 3/4" Stainless Coupler Plug
  • Prevost Spanner Wrench
  • Prevost Neutral Hook Spanner (for valves)
  • Prevost Basic Deburring Tool

Contact Kyle HERE if you need some assistance in creating a different configuration than the ordering options in the drop downs.

The Specs That Matter:

  • Rated PSI: 1300
  • Rated GPM: 2.1
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V, 15A (I would highly recommend you have a dedicated 20A if possible for use with foam cannon.)
  • Generator Requirements when Mobile: The official word from Kranzle is that you need a really stout generator to properly handle the amperage surges during startup and the auto start function. You need at minimum a 4800W generator to run this machine properly without issues in the long run. 
  • Weight: 43 lbs
  • Nozzle Size: If you are using an aftermarket gun and wand like one of our setups, you should use a 4.0 nozzle in either 40 degree or 25 degree. DO NOT use anything smaller than 4.0 as you run the risk of damaging the machine!
  • Pressure Switch:  This turns off when the gun's trigger is released and is instantly turned on when pulled!
  • Kranzle Dimensions:
    18.75" Length (front threaded outlet to longest part of plastic housing)
    12.5" Height x 7" Width with Handle Attached
    10.5" Height x 6.75" Width with Handle Removed



***This will come in separate boxes.  Some boxes come direct from me, and the others come from KranzleUSA and/or CR Spotless.  This will show shipping charges in your cart for the part that comes from me. Shipping of the Kranzle is included in the cost***

Shipping is included in price to continental US. The Kranzle units ship directly from our supplier in Maryland and usually take 1-2 business days to process. If you purchase this as part of a package or with other products, you will get a separate tracking notification for the machine itself!

Shipping to Canada is an option for $100 extra or $150 extra if you choose the DIW-20.  Choose Canadian option in the dropdown box. Just know you are going to get hit pretty hard with duties and taxes.  The amount is unpredictable. I've seen a low as $50 and as high as $600. Keep that in mind when ordering.

If you are looking to ship to Hawaii or Alaska, please contact Jeff or Kyle at for a shipping quote.

Warranty Information:

MTM offers a 60 day warranty for any possible defects with their products. Info about their warranty can be found HERE.

Kranzle offers a 1 year warranty for commercial use, and 2 years for home use. Info about their warranty can be found HERE. If you ever have a problem with your machine, reach out to us, not Kranzle. They will send you back to us since you bought it from OG. Before you send us an email though, try to work through the issues yourself in our troubleshooting section below. Sometimes it’s a simple fix if you’re having trouble. 

Installation, Troubleshooting, and FAQ:


For the CUSTOM INSTALL KRANZLE PRESSURE WASHING SOLUTION, “custom” is the key word. It really depends on your needs, the utilities that you’re working with, and how you’re going to have your end solution setup. You really want to get with a plumber if you need to because everything is going to be completely custom for your specific setup in regards to cut lengths and where everything is going to go. This package gets you about 90% of the way there, but that other 10% takes a bit of work to figure out. To give you a head start here are some dimensions for what we have on our wall here: 


  • Our water outlet is 22.5" off the ground and 13.5” to the left of the center line. I would recommend this as the absolute minimum distance from the center line. 
  • The CR Spotless is mounted with the top of the bracket at 43”. 
  • The top of the hose reel mounting bracket is at 61”. 
  • The top of the back of the metal shelf is at 68.5”.
  • The power outlet should be about the same height as the shelf but to the right. Ours is lower than that because we didn’t move it. Its not ideal. 
  • Total width is roughly 30”. 


We have some awesome videos on the YouTube channel that you'll want to watch if you haven’t seen them yet. A friend of ours in Colorado that has been building an awesome Morton Building garage to full OG Spec. Here’s the first video from when we were touring Nick’s Colorado Morton Building garage back in January 2019. Head to 17:50 for him talking about the Kranzle wall mount solution. You really want to do as much mocking up as you can. 


Here’s the second video from when the next group was there March 2019. They start talking about all the pressure washer install at about 13:44. If you need help setting up a valve system like this for a reel and boom, shoot us an email and we'll get you what you need.



This is a full, detailed install series of two regular obsessed dudes with limited tools and mechanical ability doing a custom install.