Part of the overall vision of Obsessed Garage is to be able to provide full solutions for every single aspect of the garage, from detailing proudcts, to cabinets arrays, to compressed air setups, and beyond. Eventually we want to be able to have a full department dedicated to helping you build a true "OG Spec" garage from start to finish. We're not quite there yet as we don't have a team of architects or a build team, but we're on our way. For now, what we can offer is conceptual designs and product recommendation. We don't charge any fees for this, but our ask is that you "honor the source" and purchase everything that you can from us. Browse through the "genres" below and learn the process for each section of the garage and get a feel for what you like. You can absoutlely design your own space and we'll try to provide as much information as possible to give you the tools that you need. Be sure to check the section you're interested in before asking questions as we'll try to answer as much as we can there. If you have a unique or large design, or just need some help making sure you have everything you need, check out the consultation section where we can help you through the design process.


In here is where we can take your blank slate to a fully Obsessed Garage.


Flooring is one of the most drastic visual changes you can make to change your garage. Learn about the flooring we like and how to design and install flooring for your space. 


Discover the options available to bring your space from cluttered to clean. Cabinets are a visual statement peice, as well as providing serious practicality and efficient workspaces.


You can't properly get the job done without seeing the project at hand. In here you can learn about the lighting that works best for your space and how to make it happen from layout to install.

Pressure Washer Systems

A big facet for us and our cars is keeping them clean. Sure you can get by with a crappy gas machine that takes 2 hours to setup and break down, but the real magic comes when you have a proper, turn-key, wall-mounted system that is ready to go at all times. We'll show you what you need to properly keep your vehicles clean, and enjoy the process.

Vehicle Lifts

A good lift can completely transform your workflow. But these aren't just for professional shops anymore. Your dream garage needs a lift and we've found the best.

Compressed air

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