Lambskin Wheel Mitt
Lambskin Wheel Mitt
Lambskin Wheel Mitt
Lambskin Wheel Mitt
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Wheel Mitt

It's been about 15 years since I discovered the four-finger lambskin mitt from Griot's garage. I've tried a few dozen other products and processes, and I kept coming back to it. I don't know when it was, but Griot's stopped offering their version.  

Since starting this store and due to the fact that I'm down to my last Griot's mitt, I knew I would need to find a suitable alternative. The good news is that these are much better than the old Griot's. They don't harden up when dry and don't dye your hand black like the Lake Country one did.


- Half (finger) wash mitt

- Scratchless

- Use only with a PH-neutral shampoo

- Hand-wash only

- Do not tumble dry

The only care I do to these is rinse them out well after each use and throw them in my wheel bucket to dry. That's it. In my opinion, these are a necessity in your wheel cleaning tool kit, no matter what type of wheels you have.

1x Lambskin Wheel Mitt

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