PF22.2 Rebuild Kit
PF22.2 Rebuild Kit
PF22.2 Rebuild Kit
PF22.2 Rebuild Kit
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Rebuild your Foam Cannon

I wanted to be able to offer parts that allow you to fix issues you have with any of your pressure washing accessories. This is one of those items.

If your foam cannon is dribbling, leaking, or not producing foam as it used to when new, this kit will get you back in order. This kit replaces all of the seals, o-rings, and agitator (filter) in your PF22.2 Foam Cannon. 


PF22.2 Rebuild Kit

- Fits MTM PF22.2 Foam Cannon

FAQ & Support

Troubleshooting: Foam cannon is leaking / clogged / not foaming well.

How To: Get the most foam out of a foam cannon

Troubleshooting: Getting your foam cannon dialed in and getting the most out of it.

PF22.2 Rebuild Kit
- 2 Large O-rings
- 1 Medium O-ring
- 1 Small O-ring
- 1 Pin
- 1 Agitator (Filter)

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