PCL Angled Twin Air Chuck


This is a simple metal double sided air chuck that you would attach a 1/4" NPT plug onto (Suitable 1/4" plugs listed below). With your 1/4" NPT plugged thread on, you would connect directly to an air compressor hose (Suitable hoses listed below).

This is a closed air chuck which means air doesn't flow out of it until the valve is depressed when attached to the valve stem. The air chuck has a nice weight to it, unlike ones you would typically find in a corner hardware store. The air chuck also has a red rubber grip on it which makes it comfortable to hold while filling tires.

1/4" NPT Plugs:
Prevost 1/4" Euro High Flow Male Plug (Prevost Euro High Flow Coupler Required)
Prevost 1/4" Industrial (Standard) Male Plug (Prevost S1 Industrial Coupler Suggested)

Air Compressor Hoses:
Prevost 50' StoFlex / Airca Hose (3/8" Inlet to 1/4" Outlet)
Prevost 13' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)
Prevost 20' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)
Prevost 26' Spiral Hose (1/4" Inlet & Outlet)