Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas)

SKU: KC-471001US
Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas)

Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas)

SKU: KC-471001US
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My Favorite PH Neutral Car Soap Now Smells Like Christmas

Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas) is the same soap you know and love but with a Christmas twist. To me, it smells like cinnamon and pine - perfection. I started selling Gsf soap in early 2021, and it’s been very popular since we took it on. I normally stay away from special edition products like this, but it smelled so good I knew I had to have it. 

Gfx foams like crazy, but it doesn’t reactivate or lather up after rinsing it off. This soap is pH neutral, so it’s safe on waxes, sealants, and ceramic coatings. 

When it comes to dilution ratios, I fill up my Griot's Garage Foam Cannon with 150 mL of soap and 750 mL of water, which I think is the perfect amount. This will produce a shaving cream-like consistency for your foam. Another great characteristic of this product that caught my attention was its slickness not just on your paint but in your hand. It doesn’t feel gooey or sticky. 

Gfx comes in 1-liter bottles.


  • Pour approximately 150mL of snow foam into your foam cannon with 750mL of water - totaling 900mL of both product and water
  • Rinse your vehicle and then foam it. You’ll want the foam to sit on the paint for 3-5 minutes to pull off the dirt
  • Handwash the vehicle with your Incredipad and then rinse with water


Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas)
  • It foams well and is super slick
  • Sticks to the surface
  • Smells like Christmas
  • pH neutral - won’t strip coatings, sealants, wax
  • Doesn’t reactivate (lather up) after application 

Koch-Chemie Gfx (Gentle Snow Foam X-Mas) - 1 Liter

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