Basic Sonic Tools Foam Inlay Tool Package

SKU: 702850K
Basic Sonic Tools Foam Inlay Tool Package
Sonic Tools Foam Inlay Tool Package

Basic Sonic Tools Foam Inlay Tool Package

SKU: 702850K
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I decided to go with this Sonic Tools Foam Inlay Package as the appropriate basic starter set in the OG progression. We spent a lot of time ensuring these sets would deliver a well-rounded experience with everything you need without too many duplicates or holes. However, it does take a different approach than the Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate tier selections we offer with some of our other products.

Because of the way the Sonic Foam System inlays are designed, it's pretty much impossible to put together a set that will be able to be built on over time without there being massive holes at first or ending up with glaring duplications down the road. Instead, I opted to provide comprehensive and thought-out selections for Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate as separate packages that don't build on each other. But you can still add on as much as you want as your needs and budget change.

Either of the options on this page, MSS or MSS+, will work with either cabinet type. However, these coincide with the Basic MSS Cabinet and Complete Tool Solution and the Basic MSS+ Cabinet and Complete Tool Solution products. If you're looking for a one-click solution for your Sonic Foam Inlays, Milwaukee Tools and Accessories, and the cabinets to house them, go check those products out.

Here are the drawer types you'll need for MSS:

  • x4 Drawers from Sonic MSS 26".

For MSS+ and:

  • x7 Drawers from Sonic MSS+ 720mm.
  • x3 Drawers from Sonic MSS+ 890mm or 870mm (XD) and x1 Drawers from Sonic MSS+ 720mm. Sonic Tools MSS+ 1540mm Drawer Cabinet, 12 Drawers is a perfect candidate.

- Chisel, Hammer, Plier, File Set, 23-PCS - MEDIUM - 602302
- Combination Set 3/8" 1/2", 101-PCS - MEDIUM - 310101
- Wrench Set 40-PCS - 604002
- Socket and Screwdriver Set 1/4", 121-PCS - 112102

- Screwdriver Set, 26-PCS - MEDIUM - 602606
- 1/4" & 3/8" Combination Socket Set, 209-PCS - MEDIUM - 220901
- 3/8" and 1/2" Combination Socket Set, 86-PCS - MEDIUM - 308602
- Wrench Set 36-PCS - 603602
- Plier and Utility Tool Set, 16-PC - MEDIUM - 601605
- Chisel and Utility Tool Set, 34-PCS - MEDIUM - 603404
- Hammer and Utility Tool Set, 49-PCS - MEDIUM - 604908

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