Prier Brick Buddy

Prier Brick Buddy
Brick Buddy
Prier Brick Buddy
Prier Brick Buddy

Prier Brick Buddy

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The Brick Buddy Wall Mounting Bracket is used with the installation of residential hydrants. Providing a secure anchor for the hydrant, the Brick Buddy can be adjusted to fit the necessary depth (1”-6”) of any kind of masonry wall. This will save the installer time and prevent damage to the hydrant during construction.

This installation aid also provides a barrier between potentially corrosive materials in the wall and the copper supply line. There is no need to sleeve the pipe before installation with this type of protection.

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Bucket Filler - Height Recommendation: Remember that the hose will carry a radius when hanging freely.  In my wash bay, the P-164 is mounted at 45.75" from the floor to the center line of the mounting holes. That leaves the tip of the nozzle at 14.5" from the ground. I would suggest moving the bibb up another 1.5 inches since the Ultimate Nozzle is a bit longer than my old Adam's. 

x1 Brick Buddy

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