Ultimate Decontamination Solution

SKU: DS040001
Ultimate Decontamination Solution
Ultimate Decontamination Solution
Ultimate Decontamination Solution
Ultimate Decontamination Solution

Ultimate Decontamination Solution

SKU: DS040001
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The Decontamination Process Simplified

The decontamination process is one of the most important steps when detailing a car. If you ask most people, they will say a new car is in perfect condition. This could not be farther from the truth. You have tons of dirt and debris from transit, swirls in the paint from the factory, and then, on top of all that, all the junk "protection" a dealership will slap on the paint. When dialing in your car, you need to remove all that contamination in the paint so that your protection can properly bond to the paint and protect it. 

The products in this solution are what I use to decontaminate the paint on my cars. These chemicals are stronger and more aggressive than what comes in the Car Washing Solution. Again, with the decontamination process, we are trying to strip and remove, whereas with a maintenance wash, we are trying to be as gentle as possible while still removing the dirt. 

You should notice that I have chosen products from dozens of manufacturers. It would make for better buying power and business sense to align myself with a few key manufacturers, but I refuse to take this route. I want to use the best product for the job. You can bank on one thing: I will never ask you to compromise, and neither will I.

The highlight of the solution is Decon Soap, it's designed to strip your paint of any waxes and sealant while thoroughly cleaning it. What I love about this soap is that it's super slick and it foams like crazy.

After the car is clean, I use an iron remover. I've found that pretty much all iron removers do the same thing. I like P&S Iron Buster because I feel like it sticks to the paint a little longer than others. The purpose of this product is to remove iron particles embedded in the paint. It is not uncommon for new vehicles to have this embedded in the paint due to the way they are transported. This step is called chemical decontamination because you are using chemicals to remove the contamination. 

The last step I do is a mechanical decontamination. That involves using the Ultra Clay Scrubber to remove the leftover contaminants embeded in the painted surface. You will know you need to complete this step if you feel like your paint is rough. After this step, your paint will feel super smooth. The Ultra Clay Scrubber scrubber is great because it lasts longer than your traditional clay, it's more durable, and it won't mar the paint as much as traditional clay.

There are a few other chemicals I like to have on hand when I run into really hard-to-remove crap on the car. Koch Chemie Green Star is great to have as an all-purpose cleaner for really stubborn dirt or oil. CARPRO TarX is great for removing tar or sticker reside from the paint. I also have Koch Chemie Eulex in my detailing arsenal, which I use when Tar X is not enough. Be careful with this stuff; it is super strong and will make your entire garage smell like chemicals. 

Also included in this package is Griot's Garage Engine Cleaner. I love this stuff. It is specifically formulated to break down grease, grime, and other junk in your engine bay.

There is a lot that goes into decontaminating a car, but I have removed all of the guesswork for you. I curated this solution to make it easy to get everything you need to decontaminate your car the OG way. I've always said that my process is not a "how-to" but a "how-I", but if you follow these steps, the results you will achieve will be fantastic.

What You Get

Product Qty
Koch-Chemie Rkb (Mild Clay) 1
CARPRO Tar X (4L) 1
CARPRO Tar X (1 L) -or - Pressol Household Sprayer (Transparent / 750mL) 1
P&S Iron Buster (Gallon) 1
P&S Iron Buster (16oz) -or - Pressol Household Sprayer (Transparent / 750mL) 1
Obsessed Garage Decontamination Soap (32 oz) 1
Obsessed Garage Decontamination Soap (Gallon) 1
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star) (5L) -Optional - Pressol Household Sprayer (Transparent / 750mL) 1
Koch-Chemie Eulex 1
Detail Factory Synthetic Detail Brush (Large) 1
The Rag Company Ultra Clay Scrubber 1
Solo Hand-Held Battery Powered Sprayer 1
Griot's Garage Dispensing Spout 3
Griot's Enginer Cleaner(22oz) -or - Pressol Household Sprayer (Transparent / 750mL) 1
Griot's Enginer Cleaner(Gallon) 1
Pull-Top Soap Dispensing Cap (5 Pack) 1
Adam's EZ-Fill Funnel 1
5 Liter Tap 1
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Multi-Purpose Towel 3.0 10

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