5L Tap
5 Liter Tap
5 Liter Tap
5 Liter Tap
5 Liter Tap
5 Liter Tap
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One of the most convenient ways to refill your Pressol or product-branded bottles from a 5-liter container is going to be with this 5-liter tap.

Ever since we came out with the 5 Gallon Tap, we’ve had several people reach out and request a 5-liter one. I can certainly see the benefits of having it. Accurately controlling dilution ratios as well as reducing your risk of spills, it can’t hurt to have a few of these laying around. 

We carry five products in the store that you can use this tap with 1) Koch-Chemie GSF 2) Koch-Chemie Greenstar 3) Koch-Chemie ASC 4) CarPro Eraser 5) CarPro Reset

Nothing super special about this other than the fact it will help with the distribution of liquid in a controlled manner. 


  • Six layers with EVOH barrier
  • DIN61 cap
  • Antistatic outer layer
  • Dissipative on the outside & suited for flammable liquids of explosion groups IIA & IIB
  • The permeation of your liquids will be prevented effectively
  • Weight: 0.3 lbs

5 Liter Tap

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