Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)

Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)
Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)

Koch-Chemie Gs (Green Star)

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All Purpose Cleaner

There's a lot to love about the Koch-Chemie line of products (Have I mentioned GSF lately?) and Green Star is another one of the stand outs in the lineup. The formulation is a bit more concentrated than other APC's which means it has stronger cleaning abilities in dirtier areas such as engine bays but still gentle enough to not damage anything. 

Recommended dilutions:

  • Engine Bays/Exteriors - 1:5 to 1:30
  • Interiors and Fabrics - 1:10 to 1:20
  • Floor Cleaning - 1:20 to 1:40

It's recommended that you never use this product in a dilution less than 1:3

Features & Specifications

  • Do not use on hot surfaces.
  • Do not let dry.
  • Before using, check suitability and compatibility.

Manufacturer Description

Highly concentrated, phosphate- and solvent-free, alkaline universal cleaner. Universally usable for the areas of workshop floor and industrial cleaning, interior and exterior cleaning of cars and trucks and engine cleaning thanks to its enormous dirt and oil carrying capacity. Special corrosion inhibitors ensure high material compatibility with regard to sensitive components such as, electro-galvanized, anodized aluminumFor use in spray extraction and other carpet cleaning devices we recommend the addition of Kocentschäumer foam inhibitor. Optimally suited as well for biological service water treatment plants. Quick-separating and tested in accordance with ÖNORM 5105 (test concentration 10% solution). VDA conform to class A: reaction time max. 5 min, max. application concentration 1:3

1L or 5L of Green Star

Option to add:

- 750ml Black Industrial Pressol Bottle


-750ml Black Industrial Pressol Bottle

-x2 Multi-Purpose Towels

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